How and Where to Get Powerful Starter Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

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In every battle royale game, one of the most effective keys to winning is to obtain the best weapons. However, this can be very crucial especially when you just get started. All players after being deployed on a remote island will start the game weaponless. In Fortnite Battle Royale, players are strongly encouraged to scavenge for weapons as soon as they landed on the battleground. Although weapons and items are randomly scattered throughout the map, you are most likely to obtain weapons with either common or uncommon rarity. Most of the powerful weapons in Fortnite can be found within vaults or they can be looted from the bosses you killed. If you are lucky enough, some powerful starter weapons in Fortnite can be obtained from supply boxes and llamas. Today, we are sharing you some ideal landing spots in Fortnite where you can get the best starter weapons right away.

If not through vaults that require players to kill bosses and obtain the Keycard, most of the powerful weapons in Fortnite can be obtained through “Henchmen Chests” or “Faction-locked Chest”. These henchmen chests can be found in both Shadow and Ghost station bases. Most of the faction-locked chests are equipped with scanners and there are only two ways to open them. First is by knocking down a henchman and carry him in front of the scanner. Second is by disguising as a henchman by entering special phone booths that are often located near the station bases. Interestingly, you can still spot “henchmen chests” on a random location in Fortnite. These chests may not contain the most powerful starter weapons in Fortnite but the items here are way better than the standard chests. Listed below are some of the identified locations where you can spot these chests.

starter weapons in fortniteThe Fancy View

The Fancy View is located on the far west side of the map. You can spot it on the Southwest part of the Sweaty Sands or the Northwest part of the Holly Hedges. Interestingly, the Fancy View house is one of the cool POI in Fortnite as it is a notable reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (You can check Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Easter Eggs That You Should Not Miss). You can even spot the infamous red sports car being crashed outside the building. If you head downstairs, you’ll spot another room where you can find a scanner-free henchman chest. It means that you no longer need to knock down a henchman just to open the chest. Most of the scanner-free henchmen chests will obtain weapons with rarity ranging from Rare to Legendary along with other items like medkits or shield potion.

starter weapons in fortniteRoadside of Sweaty Sands

Another scanner-free henchman chest can be found near the road that connects Sweaty Sands and Salty Spring. It can be spotted in a very obvious location and the only structure nearby is a car that is turned upside down. The chest is hiding under the tree. Since this is an open Location, make sure to keep an eye to any approaching enemies. If you are lucky enough to get a Legendary weapon, you might as well get a special badge for it for being the first player to obtain a legendary item in the match. Some of the possible powerful starter weapons in Fortnite that you can obtain from these boxes include a Legendary Burst Assault Rifle, Epic Tactical Shotgun, Epic Minigun, and more.

starter weapons in fortniteSouthwest of Salty Springs

After obtaining the chest near the Roadside of Sweaty sands, you might consider running a bit and approach another chest located on the Southwest part of the Salty Spring. Another henchman chest can be spotted hiding under the bushes in the middle of the plain field. The bushes can be found under a group of trees. It is located at the center of three areas (Southwest of Salty Springs, Northeast of Holly Hedges, and North part of the Weeping Woods). The only structure nearby is an old and empty cabin.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteSoutheast of Slurpy Swamp

If you picked to land on Slurpy Swamp which is already an ideal landing spot in the first place, you’ll spot another scanner-free henchmen chest on the southeastern part of the area. It is near the mysterious pipe structures. The chest is hiding under the bushes near the shallow swamp. Aside from the possibility of obtaining some powerful starter weapons in Fortnite, you might also grab the opportunity to swim through the glowing Slurpy Swamps and get additional Shield without the need of any Shield potion. You can also spot a Slurpy tank nearby, destroy it and get 100% Shield instantly.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Ruined House in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park is already an ideal landing spot in Fortnite (Check Top 5 Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2). The classic location also houses one of the secret Shadow Bases but if you are not yet ready to knock down some henchmen, you might proceed to the southwest portion of the area. You’ll spot a blue ruined two-story building. There is a hidden basement in this area that is not instantly noticeable. Just go down the basement and you’ll spot a small computer-operated room. You’ll find the scanner-free chest in that room. It is also located near some ammo boxes.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Bridge to Craggy Cliffs

You will find another henchman chest at the end of the bridge that connects Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs. The chest can be spotted near some boulders. Not just you get a chance to obtain some powerful starter weapons in Fortnite but you can also spot a couple of Slurpy tanks nearby to help you get prepared for whatever battle is coming ahead. The notable structure you can spot nearby aside from the blue bridge is a gas station.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Camper Van in The Southwest of Steamy Stacks

There is a camper van in the southwest part of the Steamy Stacks or Northeastern part of Frenzy Farm. Hiding inside the van is another special scanner-free henchmen chest. Take note that these chests are not classified as Faction chests but it is closely similar to Shadow boxes. The van can be found near another Point of Interest in Fortnite, the Compact Cars.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Basement House in the Northeast of Lazy Lake

Here’s one of my personal favorite landing spots in Fortnite. The house can be found on the roadside, northeastern portion of the Lazy Lake. Outside the building, you’ll spot a basement. Just destroy the basement door and you’ll get access to a small room. Here, you’ll find another scanner-free henchman chest located just beside a standard chest. You’ll also spot a couple of ammo boxes within the room. To scavenge for more, you’ll spot another standard chest (sometimes it turns to a rare chest) within the building.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Camping Area in Misty Meadows

On the northeast part of the Misty Meadows is a mountain where a small camping area can be found. Hiding under one of the tents is another scanner free henchman chest. Since there are few buildings nearby, this is a safe place to start your journey and to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. Misty Meadows is often crowded with players so you better arm yourself with trusty and powerful starter weapons in Fortnite to maximize your chances of surviving whether you are playing Solo or Squad mode.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Lone House On Eastern Part of The Agency

There is a noticeable lone house on the easter part of the Agency or the Southwest part of Frenzy Farm. It is located near the bridge that connects the north field of Lazy Lake and Frenzy Farm. Interestingly, unlike the aforementioned locations, this house does not contain a special henchmen chest but you’ll spot not just one but three chests located adjacent to each other underneath the Christmas tree. You can also spot a couple of ammo boxes nearby. Another chest can be found hiding under the tree outside the building. If you do not want to enter the Agency weaponless, this is an ideal spot to land on and to gather weapons for your loadout.

powerful starter weapons in fortniteThe Shadow Safehouse in Misty Meadows

If you really want to access a real faction-locked henchman chest, the Shadow safe house in the northern portion of the Misty Meadows is probably the easiest to infiltrate. It is located on a remote islet. A two-story building with accessible Choppa nearby. You can land directly on the rooftop for easy access. Unlike other Shadow safehouses, this area is not heavily guarded by henchmen. There are more or less four or five roaming henchmen in the area and two of them can be found inside the building. You can work secretly by keeping the doors lock but make sure not to kill them completely. Just knock down a henchman so you can scan the chest and obtain the items inside.

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