Darksiders III: Game review!

Six years have passed since the launch of Darksiders 2. Six years in which the future of the saga created by Vigil Games has been uncertain at times, with the closure of the study that threatened to leave a saga like this unfinished. That is why they have not feared when returning to their origins with Darksiders 3, an adventure that distances itself from the second installment to return to the purest Hack and Slash, and that also feels at all times as a “Darksiders”.

Join Fury in this new world of action & adventures. The place in which this story is developed is the result of an Apocalypse that has turned the Earth into rubble, a war between kingdoms and a mission to complete will set us in an impressive but infernal environment.

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War, Death and … Fury
Darksiders 3 takes place after the beginning of the first Darksiders, with our war friend ready to vary, and our world in a rather deplorable state. It is at this time that the Burned Council entrusts Fury with an important mission: she must travel to Earth to capture the Seven Deadly Sins and help to restore the balance between the kingdoms. This is not a simple task, and in the past it required the four riders together to carry it out, but since not all are available, it is Fury’s turn to prove their worth.

Even so, Fury will not be alone at all in her mission. Since the Council is not very trustworthy, Fury will be accompanied by a Watcher throughout the mission, a company that becomes one of the main pillars of the adventure. Where Fury is a stubborn, haughty and a bit ambitious person (as well as furious, for obvious reasons), her watcher is more barbaric, with a somewhat sarcastic personality, who does not hesitate to antagonize Furia herself, and sometimes leads to Some exchanges certainly fun.

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What’s new on this saga?

During the adventure, we will encounter different beings from the different kingdoms that make up the Darksiders universe, and we will even see back some known characters from the saga, such as Vulgrim or Ulthane, that will help us to complete our goal.

We will also know Rampage, the horse of Fury that appears in a relevant way at certain moments of the plot, although we will never control it in a playable way. But if there is something that differentiates Darksiders 3 from its predecessors in the narrative field, it’s the presence of several decisions that directly affect the end of the game. There are certainly not many, you can count on less than the fingers of one hand, and they only appear in the last stages of the game, but they are well implemented and make you think about it well before taking them in case you were doing the right thing or not.

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