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Have you ever imagine your favorite pop-culture personalities in their badass cyber-punk edition? Clone Evolution: Cyber War Borderlands Fantasy will take you to a futuristic adventure. Described as an Idle RPG, Clone Evolution will take you to the year 2045 where technology drastically evolved. A company called F-Tec came up with a powerful experiment that takes cloning to an all-new level. Unfortunately, F-Tec took advantage of the situation and use the technology in their own selfish and evil ways. Now, the fate of the world lies to you. Create your clones and build a strong army to stop the evil scientists from their treacherous plans. Feel free to explore Clone Evolution and see how far you can go.

Clone EvolutionThe Gameplay

Clone Evolution follows a simple set of mechanics. Knowing that it is an IDLE RPG, the game doesn’t require much of interaction from the players as most of its elements work automatically. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to a brief tutorial on how the cloning process is made. You will be introduced to a place called “Gene Bank” where you can summon clones of different rarities. The intelligence and evolution gene pool contains six combat attributes and weapons and more than a hundred genes of numerous historical figures such as Alexander, Pharaohs, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee and many more.

The battle phase is where the idle element comes in. From the world map, simply head over to Campaign and it will prompt you right away level map. Each chapter or level is composed of four or more stages that you need to win an conquer. The last stage is often the Boss Battle. Before engaging in a fight, you will have the chance to deploy your ideal team of heroes. Once done, the battle will run automatically and all you need to do is to watch and wait for the result. After completing an entire chapter, your team will go on an auto-battle mode, an incremental element that works even you are engaged in other missions or battles. This allows you to earn Auto-battle rewards.

Clone EvolutionHuge Collection of Heroes

One of the best parts of Clone Evolution is the overwhelming collection of heroes that are merely inspired by real historical figures. Although they do not have direct references, you can see where the character design is inspired from. Donald Trump, for example, is referred to in this game as the “Social Pres” while a character like Marilyn Monroe is referred here as “Dreamlover”. The clones in this game come in three rarities; Ordinary, Advanced, and Perfect Clones. To summon a new clone, a player must collect a certain amount of Blueprints which you can earn in many different ways.

Ordinary Clone can clone a hero rated blue or lower while Advanced Clone can clone a hero that is rated green or higher. A Perfect clone, on the other hand, can clone a hero rated blue or higher. The blueprints for Perfect Clone, however, are not easily obtainable as they can only be acquired through game events. Each cloning process allows you to earn Clone points which in turn, fills up the Clone Point meter. Once the meter is completely filled, you will receive one random purple hero (the highest rank of them all).

Clone EvolutionImmersive Gameplay and Multiplayer Features

Clone Evolution has very commendable longevity as it comes with a seemingly endless PvE and PvP idle combat system. Although the battle system works automatically, the game offers a lot of interesting areas to explore. As you progress in the game, you will eventually gain access to other equally-engaging features like the Arena where the PvP battle takes place. This allows you to form your ideal team of heroes and engage them on a multiplayer battle.

Other campaigns include the Bounty Mission, the Event Center, Institute and many others. It even has a Dungeon campaign which makes the game even more exciting. You can also unlock Expedition campaign once you have reached Level 32. When not in battle, you can try your luck in Casinos or explore the Taverns to win more prizes. To top it all, the game also has a Guild System that allows you to either join or form your own team. You can participate in various multiplayer battles too and join your team as they try to win the war.

Clone EvolutionThe Verdict

Clone Evolution is truly a great game. It might be considered as an Idle game but it wonderfully incorporates RPG and adventure elements on it. The character designs are superb and you can see a lot of great diversity on it. To top it all, the game did not just focus on idle battle alone as it offers a lot of equally-engaging campaigns for the players to explore. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download Clone Evolution on your mobile absolutely for free.

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