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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.1.4

Simple, fun and oddly satisfying! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe SayGames’ Perfect Slices. Similar to what you can feel with their OnPipe game, Perfect Slices will take you to an oddly-satisfying food slicing adventure. The main objective of this game is very simple and pretty much straightforward. Using your trusty knife, slice off all the fruits and vegetables that you will encounter along the way. The game doesn’t come up with any complex rules and all you need is to enjoy slicing those foods and unlock more ingredients and knives in the process. If you are up for a unique mobile game, feel free to explore Perfect Slices and see what else it has to offer.

Perfect SlicesThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Perfect Slices are very simple and easily manageable. It is so simple that even younger players can understand the gameplay without passing through any tutorial. As what being mentioned above, the main objective in this game is nothing more but to explore and clear all levels. To do so, you simply have to use your virtual knife and slice off all the fruits and vegetables you will encounter along the way. A very straightforward rule indeed.

As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to a narrow cutting board. To start, simply tap the screen and the knife will automatically cut the food. Tap and hold the screen for continuous cutting and release the hold to stop. You will also encounter obstacles that you must avoid as much as possible. Wooden boards must be avoided as they stun the knife for a short period of time and it also destroys your score multiplier. Metal spiky boards, on the other hand, should be avoided at all cost as it ends the game immediately and it gives you no other option but to start over from the very beginning.

Perfect SlicesExperience Satisfying Gameplay And Gold Fever

Perfect Slices doesn’t come up with any hardcore gameplay. It’s basically a one-finger tapping game and that’s all what it is. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game offers oddly satisfying gameplay. SayGames delivered the same addictive approach they did with OnPipe. While OnPipe gives you a satisfying experience of soap-cutting, Perfect Slices will give you an equally-engaging experience. You can imagine yourself as an expert chef who can cut off food perfectly in just a quick snap.

The game is not just about slicing but also collecting the right amount of ingredients you need for your recipe. As the game starts, you’ll find all the ingredients you need on the uppermost portion of the game screen. Take note that the game will not end until you have gathered all the ingredients you need. The money you earn from each level depends on your overall score. From time to time, you will also encounter Gold Fever. This time, you will be asked to slice gold bars and earn gold coins in return.

Perfect SlicesUnlock New Ingredients and Collect Knives

One of the most interesting elements of Perfect Slices is the overwhelming number of ingredients you can unlock. Interestingly, unlocking new ingredient doesn’t require any virtual coins. You can unlock new ingredients after every ten levels. The game starts with vegetables and once you have unlocked them all, you will soon get access to fruits. Veggies like eggplants, tomatoes, cucumber, mushroom, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and chili were wonderfully depicted in this game. The same thing goes with fruits.

Knives, on the other hand, require gold coins. Head over to Collection and unlock knives of different rarities. Common knives are randomly unlocked at 500 Coins while Survival Knives are worth 1500. Epic Knives, on the other hand, can only be obtained through Prize boxes. You get access to prize boxes every time you have to collect three tokens. This will show you random boxes and you just have to pick three out of nine. If you are lucky enough, you might earn some of their epic knives. You can also earn additional tokens by watching a reward video.

Perfect SlicesThe Verdict

Simple, fun and surprisingly addictive and oddly satisfying. This is how Perfect Slices is perfectly described. If you are looking for a very light game that works perfectly well even without an Internet connection, this game is definitely a perfect fit. The game is very light and it doesn’t consume much of your phone storage. Knowing that the game doesn’t require wifi, you can play Perfect Slices anywhere you want. A game that you can confidently play to keep you out of boredom. Currently, Perfect Slices is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this oddly-satisfying puzzle for free. Happy slicing!

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