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If you really want to be successful, then you must work hard and dream big! Well, in Taps to Riches, you can become a business tycoon in less than an hour! I know! It’s too exaggerated but hey, this is a virtual game and nothing is really impossible right? Taps to Riches is an idle game that takes you to an exciting journey of success. The main objective is to become a business tycoon. You can do so by tapping buildings, buying businesses and expanding them. The more businesses you own, the more profit you can earn. If you are up for an exciting idle clicker journey, feel free to explore Taps to Riches and see how far you can go.

Taps To RichesThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable.  Taps to Riches is an idle clicker game which means, part of this game can work even without the player’s interaction and another part requires you to interact. As what mentioned above, the main objective is to earn as many money as possible and buy as many businesses as you can. Interestingly, you start the game from the very scratch. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to your first map which is the Dust Valley. A standard map is composed of your main building which you can constantly tap and four other businesses you can own.

The idle part comes in when you start buying your first businesses. Once you have availed a business, it will automatically generate income at a certain time duration. To make them more productive, you must upgrade them. Located on the topmost part of the game screen is your current income and underneath the profit bar is your total earnings per second. The panel on the lowermost portion of the screen gives you access to your Quests, Advisors, and Shop. You can also access other important features in the Main Menu including the Fortune Wheel, Crates and Bizbots.

Taps To RichesUnlock New Businesses and Hire Advisors

The most important elements of Taps to Riches are the businesses. You cannot achieve the title as the business tycoon without creating your empire. The game allows you to expand your empire into multiple cities and buy various businesses and upgrade them to their full potential. One thing you will surely appreciate in this game is the progress itself. You will witness how a hopeless city transforms into a profitable commercial center. Every time you made an upgrade, you are reaching a new milestone and the buildings will drastically transform into architectural masterpieces as you progress.

The higher the level of your building, the more profit you can earn per second. Aside from the idle elements, you can also tap your main building to earn more. The main building will generate profit per tap so the more you tap, the bigger the earnings you can get. Aside from upgrading the buildings, you can also improve production by hiring Advisors. Interestingly, you can only get new advisors if you got a Spin Token. You can get tokens either from crates or by purchasing them using diamonds. Each advisor will vary in terms of their rarity or star level. They also come with different effects which will add valuable business bonuses. There are more than 400 advisors to unlock.

Taps To RichesComplete Quest and Unlock Achievements

Although you can do almost everything in Taps to Riches, you can still challenge yourself by following and completing your Quests. Players can only take one quest at a time. Some of which will ask you to tap buildings in a certain number of times while others will ask you to upgrade businesses to a certain level. Once completed, you will earn valuable rewards in return which could be in the form of medals or additional diamonds. Medals are mainly used to unlock special crates which will give you more valuable prizes.

Eventually, as you progress, you will be able to unlock the so-called Bizbots. These Bizbots will challenge you to reset all your progress but you will get a bigger profit in return. If you traded your businesses with Bizbots, you will lose almost everything including all the upgrades you made in the past. Other features that you can take advantage of includes Crates and Fortune Wheel. Taps to Riches also comes with a repeatable Achievement System which allows you to earn more Diamonds. There are also Business Bonuses that double your earning by watching reward videos.

Taps To RichesThe Verdict

Taps to Riches is generally a simple yet surprisingly addictive idle game. It comes with many features to explore which gives players more reasons to enjoy this idle adventure. However, the major downfall of this game is the overwhelming number of ads. The developers seemingly transformed this mobile game as a vehicle for adverts. Almost every transaction requires you to watch ads and not to mention those adverts that will randomly pop up from time to time. Although most ads were cleverly inputted, I just hope the developers can do something to make them less annoying.

Other than that, this game has so much to offer. It is light and works well even without an Internet connection. You can even earn virtual cash even if you are not actively playing the game. Currently, Taps to Riches is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game for free. Cheers!

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