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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Adventures With WizMate takes you a magical journey of an aspiring wizard who will try her best to become a great one. She will be mentored by her master Wizard until she becomes powerful enough to stand on her own. Adventures With WizMate by LINE games is a simple and fun tile-matching puzzle that managed to incorporate a compelling plot and well-polished gameplay. Your main objective is to help the aspiring wizard become the best of herself and guide her through her mystical journey. If you are up for an amazing adventure, feel free to explore Adventures With WizMate and see how far can you go.

Adventures With WizmateThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable. If you have played any of the popular match 3 puzzles like King’s Candy Crush Saga or Playrix’s Gardenscapes, you should know how this amazing game works. The game will take you to two different phases, the Story phase and the Puzzle itself. To progress in the story, you have to earn stars. Each action requires a star which you can only earn by completing a puzzle. Therefore, if a task requires two stars, you need to complete two levels.

The puzzle is not different from a typical match 3 challenge. However, Adventures With WizMate offers a lot of unique elements which makes the game more distinctive above the rest. There are colorful power-ups to take advantage of and then there are the so-called Mandrakes. They are special and cute creatures that hide under the dirt. Mandrakes can clear an entire row or column and you can decide which direction you want them to roll.

Adventures With WizmateMagical Power-Ups

Objectives in the game will vary per level but the gameplay is almost similar to each other. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the dynamically-changing grid filled with colorful fruits. To clear tiles, you must match three or more identical fruits. Much like any tile-matching puzzles, Adventures With WizMate also offers colorful power-ups and boosters. If you have matched four or more tiles of the same color, you will earn a power-up that can help you maximize your chances in winning. Keep in mind that you only have limited moves per level. If you lose them all and you still haven’t met your goal, the game will come to an end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning.

Matching four or more identical tiles allows you to earn special potions. Some of them allow you to eliminate an entire row or an entire column of blocks. There’s also a Bouquet Potion that removes tiles around it and Frog Potion that specifically targets tiles based on your current goal. If you are lucky enough, you can also earn a potion that allows you to eliminate all tiles of the same color. For greater and more powerful effects, you can also merge two adjacent power-ups.

Adventures With WizmatePartner With Villagers and Customize Your character

One of the most unique elements of Adventures With WizMate is your ability to interact with various villagers. As you progress in this game, you will soon get the chance to access the village. You will also meet different villagers who will accompany you along the way. Each villager has their skills and they will assist you on some levels. They have their potions with different effects. You can also manage your relationship with the villagers by sending them gifts.

Interestingly, you can also customize your character. You can access the Shop or the Gacha and purchase costumes for your avatar. Player needs to earn B-Points to buy outfits at the boutique. This is the part where the game’s in-game microtransaction comes in. There is a bunch of fancy outfits to choose from.

Adventures With WizmateThe Verdict

Adventures With WizMate is special in many aspects. The game successfully merged both RPG elements and tile-matching puzzles. It comes with a lot of cinematic cut scenes. The game is also adorned with visually stunning details and colorful animations that every player will enjoy. Not to mention the creative and well-polished gameplay. Overall, Adventures With WizMate is something you can confidently download on your mobile. Currently, Adventures With WizMate is only available on Android devices. Good luck and have fun!

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