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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size250.8 MB
Latest Version0.3.7

She might bake you with the most delicious cookies or make you the most comfortable sweater but when it comes to treacherous monsters, Angry Granny will surely spare no mercy. Angry Granny by Fastone Games will take you to an exciting yet oddly strange journey of a grandma who is apparently a badass alien slayer. Your main objective in this game is to take control of Angry Granny and slay all the monsters you will encounter along the way. The game will take you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties. If you think you can help our beloved Grandma to protect the earth from pesky alien invaders, feel free to explore Angry Granny and see how far you can go.

Angry GrannyThe Gameplay

Angry Granny comes with a very simple set of mechanics and a straightforward rule. The mission is to clear all levels by successfully eliminating all the enemies. Unfortunately, Angry Granny doesn’t come up with a compelling story to match with its intriguing gameplay which could have made the game even more engaging. However, despite the apparent simplicity and missing story elements, Angry Granny is still worth exploring. It comes with a very unique concept that will put your skills on a test. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you immediately to the first stage. It is presented in a top-down perspective where Angry Granny can freely roam around.

The enemies will start to arrive in waves and they will all start to approach you. Angry Granny comes with a very unique combat system. In this game, Granny is surrounded by floating knives. These knives will revolve around her and to inflict damage, simply drag your character near the enemy and allow the knives to touch them. Some knives will drop in the process which will dramatically decrease your damage rate. Simply pick up the dropped knives and you are back into action. If there is one thing you must avoid, that is to get hit by any of the approaching enemies as it kills you in an instant and the game will come to a quick end.

Angry GrannyUpgrading Weapons and Fighting With Partner

The level is cleared when all the enemies were killed. As you progress, enemies will become stronger and defeating them could be a great challenge. To cope up with their growing strength and numbers, you must constantly perform upgrades if available. In between each level, you will be prompted into the Main page which gives you access to Upgrades. Simply Tap the Heroes icon and this will take you to another window. Here, you can upgrade Granny’s weapons both primary and secondary. Players must collect enough coins to upgrade the weapons and this will enhance their basic attributes and make your character more efficient in the battle.

Just be mindful that the upgrade fee will increase exponentially which basically encourage you to play more and provides this game decent replay value. Monsters will soon become more powerful and your mission will become trickier. Some of them will have different attack behaviors while some can possess skills that can shoot you from afar. Good thing you can also grab a partner in this game. Before a level starts, the game will ask you if you are willing to fight with a partner but you must pay for gems in return (you can also watch rewarded videos in exchange). Partners are relatively weaker but still make you more efficient especially when dealing with a huge wave of enemies.

Angry GrannyUnlock Heroes

Angry Granny is of course about an angry grandma but interestingly, the game also allows you to unlock new heroes. Currently, the game offers seven other playable heroes to unlock and the rest are still under development. Heroes will only vary in terms of their appearances and the type of weapon they are using but other than that, they all perform the same. Their effectiveness will still rely on your upgrades. Some heroes include Grandpa and other superhero-like characters.

Another great thing about Angry Granny is the Boss Battle. You can encounter bosses from time to time (mostly after every five stages). Boss Battles are often far more challenging than the normal levels. They tend to have different skills and often surrounded by an overwhelming number of minions. Other noteworthy features of this game are the Offline Profit which allows you to earn money even if you are not actively playing the game and the Gem Bag which encourages you to collect gems and win valuable prizes. The Shop, on the other hand, is where the microtransaction comes in. You can buy coins and gems in package.

Angry GrannyThe Verdict

Angry Granny is generally a very simple game. It’s undeniably fun to explore and surprisingly addictive as well. The missing story element could have turned this game even more fascinating but other than that, Angry Granny is something worth playing with. If you are looking for a light and simple game that will keep you away from boredom, Angry Granny is something you might want to consider. The only downside of this game is the overwhelming number of ads and if only the developers can find a better way to place them in the game without constant pops ups. Interestingly, Angry Granny is something you can smoothly play even without an Internet connection. Currently, Angry Granny is available for both Android and iOS devices for free. Good luck and have fun!

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