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PlatformsAndroid 4.2 and up
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Latest Version2.1.271

Sweet Escapes will take you to an amazing journey. The game follows the story of someone who just bought a rundown bakery. Your main objective is to transform the bakery back to its former glory. Developed and published by Redemption Games, Sweet Escapes is a match 2 puzzle game that takes you to a series of engaging levels with a varying range of difficulties. Your character will be accompanied by an adorable bunny named Joy and her funny assistant Scoops. If you think you can bring the place back to its former state, feel free to explore Sweet Escapes and see how far you can go.

Sweet EscapesThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Sweet Escapes are very simple and easily manageable. It is a very light game that players from all walk of ages can play. If you have played games like Gardenscapes or Homescapes, you will surely find a lot of notable similarities. However, instead of a match 3 puzzle, Sweet Escapes features a Match-2. This kind of gameplay is more similar to Toy Blast. The main objective is to clear the tiles by matching two or more tiles of the same color. Objectives often vary per level but the gameplay is all the same.

Some levels will ask you to clear a certain number of specific tiles while others will ask you to eliminate wrappers or open up boxes. Some objectives will ask you to bring Gingerbreads down to the bottom of the grid. Every time you successfully cleared a level, you will earn a star in return. Stars are the most important elements in the game. You need to pay Stars to progress in this game. You need stars to complete an action in your bakery.

Sweet EscapesDecorate and Expand

The best part about Sweet Escapes is the decorating phase. Just like in Gardenscapes, you will be asked to complete goals and to restore the place one step after another. Restoration begins from the simple rundown bakery and eventually, you will be given the chance to explore and expand the place. New areas will become available right after you have restored the previous location. Once you have restored the bakery, you will be able to unlock the rundown Ice cream shop.

The rate of difficulty in this game will drastically increase as you progress. Puzzles will become more and more challenging and you will encounter various obstacles and items which could either help or harm you in the process. Good thing you can always take advantage of the power-ups and boosters that can help you maximize your chances in winning. To top it all, Sweet Escapes comes with a very compelling story that makes you appreciate all the progress.

Sweet EscapesColorful Boosters and Power-Ups

Interestingly, much like other tile-matching games, Sweet Escapes comes with overwhelming power-ups and boosters you can take advantage with. You obtain power-ups matching five or more tiles of the same color. Rocket Popsicles allow you to clear an entire column or row of blocks while Lava Cake can clear a carnage of blocks around it. Sprinkles, on the other hand, can clear all blocks or tiles of the same color. Amazingly, you can also merge the two adjacent power-ups for a more powerful effect.

Boosters are the consumable items that you can obtain in many ways. You can get extra boosters by completing chapters and you can also get some through daily login bonus. Boosters can also be purchased via the game’s virtual currency. It includes Spoon that allows you to eliminate a single block, Whipped Cream that eliminates an entire row and Rolling Pin that clears an entire column. You can also use Mixer to clear tiles that are aligned diagonally and Lollipops that clear tiles of the same color.

Sweet EscapesThe Verdict

Sweet Escapes is a very light game that is fun and undeniably addictive. It is a colorful tile-matching puzzle that is adorned with visually stunning details and well-fitting music. Above all, Sweet Escapes comes with a compelling plot with a bunch of wonderful characters to interact with. The game also works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection but it would be more ideal to connect the game via Facebook to embrace more perks. Currently, Sweet Escapes is available for both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and have fun!

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