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PublisherEijoy Entertainment
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+
Size6.8 MB
Latest Version4.0.2


Pulling pranks has always been one of the most enjoyable and interactive jokes. It is even better when you have props. With Broken Screen Prank, you can pull off all manners of pranks and jokes with a realistic and entertaining app. This app makes people think that you (or they) broke your phone or smashed your screen. Not only will you get a simulated broken screen that can fool even the most critical person, but you even get an accompanying cracking or breaking sound for authenticity.

A "broken" screen screenshot

The Broken Screen Prank app is the perfect app to use to prank your friends. It is especially good when there’s a phone involved. Once the app is activated you can go to any screen, including the home screen, and the crack will still be there. The app runs in the background once activated. And with just one touch the app will simulate the screen breaking and cracking, accompanied with a hilarious cracking sound.


The broken screen without a background

Funny Prank App

There’s something about touching your screen and seeing and hearing it break that just cracks me up. For one thing, the crack sound is so ridiculous that it is sure to make you laugh. One surprising perk of the app is that it offers several different kinds of cracked glass images to suit your prank needs. There is one that looks like a hole has been punched through the screen and another one that makes it look like the screen just shattered. There are several different angles of break for all your prankster needs.


Broken Screen Prank Logo

Other Features

If that isn’t enough, there are more options for breaking your phone through the app simulation. There is a fire screen and even an electric screen. Both options come with accompanying sound and hilarious effects. This may not seem as realistic or as functional as the broken screen feature. But it is hilarious watching your screen suddenly burst into flame or dance with electricity.

Broken Screen App on a smartphone


All in all the Broken Screen Prank app is a highly enjoyable and hilarious app that has tons of potential for pulling pranks and jokes on your family and friends. Aside from looking realistic and overlapping on your actual screen, it also provides hilarious sounds and options for your screen to “break”. The additional features (fire screen and electric screen) are just the cherry on top for this funny app.

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