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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Latest Version1.7.0

football strikeFrom the company behind some of the well-loved mobile apps like 8 Ball Pool and comes another equally amazing and addictive game! If you love playing football (whether the actual sports or their video game counterparts), then you might   enjoy having Football Strike on your mobile. The mechanics of Football Strike may not be as complex as the real Football game but still capable of delivering a satisfying football game experience. Adorned with visually stunning graphics and easily manageable gameplay, Football Strike is definitely a great catch, a mobile app that you can include on top of your game list!football strike

Game Campaigns

Interestingly, the game has three main campaigns; the Shooting Race, Free Kicks and the Career Mode. Shooting Race is the starter mode which takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. It is basically a quick match game where you compete against randomly generated online players. The goal is to kick the ball and shoot as many targets as possible within the given set of time. The player who gets the most number of goal wins!

The Free Kicks Campaign, on the other hand, is way more exciting. In this mode, you play both the Striker and the Keeper. The game is done on a turn based format. If you get to play the Striker, the opponent will act as the Keeper and vice versa. Each match is composed of 5 rounds but if the battle resulted into a draw, both players will pass through a Decisive round to break the tie. Career mode is a tournament-style campaign where players are prompted into different levels with different challenges and goals.

football strike Upgrades and Collectibles

One of the most interesting highlights of the game are the overwhelming upgrades that players can avail. You have the ability to improve the player’s attributes and make them more efficient in the battle. Take note that you are playing two characters in this game; the Striker and the Keeper and each of them can be customized based on your own preferences. You can also upgrade the ball’s attributes to increase your performance level. Interestingly, there are two forms of currency in Football Strike; the Gold Coins (that can be obtained from each successful match) and the Cash (where the in-app purchases can be done). The Game Shop gives you access to all the premium items including the signature jerseys of your favorite football teams.

football strikeRanks, Leaderboards and Daily Prizes

Each successful match allows you to earn decent amount of Experience and if you’ve gained enough, your rank will soon increase which broadens your access and privileges. The game also has a Leaderboard system that displays all the top players worldwide. Those who made it on top will receive the virtual cash as reward. Another exciting feature are the Daily prizes you can earn through Daily spins and rewards. Sport bags can be won after each successful match which allows you to win various prizes (the rarity of the item depends on the type of bags you collected). These particular features provides this game a commendable replay value.

Appearance wise, Football Strike will not disappoint you at all. It offers a visually stunning graphics similar to those higher gaming consoles. All in all, Football Strike is a great sports game that is very easy to play and doesn’t require any extensive knowledge about the said sport. Just a reminder, this game requires a stable internet connection! Good luck and have fun!

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