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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size555.3 MB
Latest Version1.4.0

From the creators behind some of the most amazing strategy games like Clash of Lords and Castle Clash series comes another epic adventure-strategy game. Brave Conquest will take you to an amazing journey. Your main objective is to play the role of a ruler and manage your own kingdom. Brave Conquest is a wonderful merge between an empire building game and a real-time strategy. As the ruler of your kingdom, you must build a stronghold, deploy heroes and troops and engage them on epic battles. If you think you have what it takes to be their rightful king, feel free to explore Brave Conquest and let your epic journey begins.

Brave ConquestThe Gameplay

The mechanics of Brave Conquest are very simple and easily manageable but the game is surprisingly tricky at the same time. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to your kingdom. Much like most Empire-building games, you start with basic buildings such as the Castle which serves as the heart of your kingdom. Eventually, you will be asked to construct other buildings such as Barracks, Heroes Hall, Imperial Vault and many others. Each building has its own purpose and you just have to utilize their function for your own advantage.

Although the game allows you to do almost anything based on your own preferences, you still have to rely mainly on your Quests to progress. Your main quests will often ask you to perform various tasks such as building construction, upgrades, gathering a certain number of resources and of course, engaging in a series of battles. You can also take sidequests and earn valuable prizes or go on an expedition and steal other players resources. If you think your troops and heroes are trained enough, you can also enter the Arena and engage in epic PvP battles.

Brave ConquestTrain Heroes and Win Battles

Brave Conquest is more than just your typical city-building game. The game will also highlight the ability to collect and train heroes and deploy them in various battles. Barracks allow you to set up your battle formation. Here, you can assign the troops’ alignment and where exactly they should be positioned during the battle. Heroes Hall, on the other hand, allows you to view and upgrade your heroes while Troops Hall is dedicated for your troops. Upgrading your army is very crucial to make them more efficient and effective in every battle and also to maximize your chances of winning. If you upgrade your heroes, for instance, it will dramatically increase their basic attributes (ATK, HP, and Range).

What makes Brave Conquest more engaging is the creative battle system. Players can enter battles in many ways. You can hunt for nearby enemies within your territory, enter expedition outside your kingdom, participate on coffer events or enter the Arena and fight against other players. Normally for an empire building game, the battles are often automated but Brave Conquest takes you to interactive combat. Once engaged in a battle, the game prompts you to a 3D battlefield. The two opposing parties will go on a brawl and you can utilize your heroes’ skills and cast consumable spells to maximize your chances of winning. Each battle comes with three goals and each corresponds with one star.

Brave ConquestAlliance, Trade, Raids, and Kingdom Expansion

Interestingly, Brave Conquest comes with many Multiplayer elements. There’s a PvP battle through the Arena which allows you to compete against players that share the same level with your kingdom. You can also enter the Expedition and compete against a randomly selected opponent and win valuable rewards. There’s also an Alliance System which allows you to either join an existing alliance or create your own. When you’re part of an alliance, you can ask for your member’s help to speed up production. You can also participate in an Alliance Trial or engage your team on an epic Alliance war.

Trading is also a key element in this game to gather more resources. Eventually, you will be asked to unlock Harbor and allows you to trade items in exchange for money or other valuable resources. Most parts of your kingdom are entirely covered with fog. When you have reached certain levels or if you have cleared certain stages, you will be asked to defog the area and expand your territory. As you progress and as the kingdom expands, it will soon attract enemies and raid your kingdom. You better set your defenses and defeat the foes before they do any harm.

Brave ConquestThe Verdict

Brave Conquest is truly an impressive game. It has many great features to offer that players will surely enjoy. Appearance-wise, Brave Conquest is an absolute visual delight. It offers visually stunning graphics and is accompanied with well-fitting music and impressive voice overs. There’s just too many to explore in this mobile game and you will never run out of reason not t enjoy it. The possibilities are endless for this game which provides Brave Conquest a commendable longevity. Overall, it is an impressive strategy game that you can confidently include on your mobile game list. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing strategy game absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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