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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size208.8 MB
Latest Version2.1.22

From a simple factory worker to a business tycoon? Is that even possible? From the creators behind some of the popular mobile games like Piano Tiles and Dancing Line comes another equally entertaining game. Factory Inc is an idle game that takes you to an epic journey of a poor guy who just got fired from his work and his unexpected success. After the character got fired, someone offered him money to start his very own factory. Now, your main objective is to help him fulfill his dream and become a business tycoon. If you think you can master this epic idle game, feel free to explore Factory Inc and see how far you can go.

Factory IncThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Factory Inc are very simple and easily manageable. Much like most of the Idle game that we used to play, Factory Inc will have features that work automatically. As what mentioned above, your main objective here is to run a factory and make it more successful. However, the tricky part here is that you are going to start from the very scratch. Here’s how it works. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to your factory. The interface will showcase basic items including the conveyor machine and the machine that produces goods.

To start working, you need to purchase your first machine. Simply install the machine to its respective slot. The conveyor belt will start moving and the machine will also work automatically. Every item that will pass through the machine will change and turn into a new item. Interestingly, your initial product is Stone but after it passes through a machine, it turns into Sand. Sand, on the other hand, evolves into Mirror which turns into a simple cup and then transforms into a coffee mug. The more machine you install, the more items you can discover. Aside from the automated machine, you can also manually tap the items to expedite the production.

Factory IncUpgrade the Factory and Buy New Machines

Much like any other idle games, upgrading items is the most essential element of Factory Inc. The game features many different items to upgrade and it is more than just adding new machines. Located on the lowermost portion of the game screen are clickable icons where you can purchase new machines or perform various upgrades. Tap the Factory icon to increase the Level of your factory. Doing so will dramatically increase both the Money Bonus and Hammer Power. To purchase a new machine, simply tap the Shop icon. This will feature four boxes of four different rarities including General Box, Advanced, Super and Legendary Box.

General Boxes are the only boxes you can purchase using the virtual money you earn from your factory while the rest will require you to pay Diamonds which serve as the game’s premium currency. Although machines might look different from each other, their functions are all the same. To upgrade them, simply tap the Level button on top of each machine. Doing so will improve their speed, power, range, and duration. When you have reached Level 30, you will be able to unlock the Machine icon which allows you to tune the machines using the machine parts to greatly increase their level productivity.

Factory IncUnlock New Items and Hire Managers

Dinnerware is the first product of Factory Inc but eventually, you will be able to unlock new production items such as furniture, tools, and many more. You can also switch from one product to another during the production. Interestingly, you can also earn extra profit through Delivery. Located on the upper left corner of the game screen is the required items you need to deliver. Complete the requirements and you’ll get paid with additional money. To make the process a lot easier, you can also start hiring new managers. Take note that the machines will have their own duration and they will stop working once in a while. Normally, you have to manually tap the machine to restart it but if you have a manager, they can do the rest of the jobs on your behalf.

The game will unlock many other features as you progress. There will be an Achievement system which allows you to win Diamonds (premium currency) but the tricky part is that you can only obtain the prize by watching a reward video in return. Challenge campaign will ask you to collect coins in a very limited time while Bank allows you to sell your factory and start a new one with much faster production and bigger profit. To top it all, upon reaching a certain level, you’ll gain access to Boss Floor which allows you to customize the room by buying furniture. Each furniture will have certain effects on your general production as well.

Factory IncThe Verdict

Factory Inc is truly an addictive idle game. It is simple yet fun and entertaining. There are just too many areas to explore which provides this game a commendable longevity. Appearance-wise, the game features a cartoonish animation which is neat and appealing enough to be enjoyed. Unlike other idle games, Factory Inc is very clever when it comes to ad placement. The game will tempt you to watch ads and get generous rewards in return. Some deals will multiply your earnings five or six times which can help you achieve your goal faster. Overall, it is a great game that works perfectly well even without an Internet connection. Currently, Factory Inc is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this fun idle game for free. Have fun!

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