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Prepare to embark yourself in an epic adventure with Oddmar. Oddmar is a physics-based plaformer adventure game that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. The game follows a compelling story of a viking named Oddmar who set himself in an epic journey to prove himself that he is worthy for their village. Unlike all Vikings, however, Oddmar doesn’t posses any courage to fight for his people until one night when he had a strange dream. His long lost friend Vaskr showed up along with a mystical fairy who offered him a great deal. He obtained a strange power and now he must complete his journey and prove his people that he deserves a place in his village.

OddmarThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Oddmar are generally simple and easily manageable yet the players are strongly encouraged to master the controls to complete each level more effectively. Generally, your main objective is to guide Oddmar all the way to the finish point. The game prompts you into a side scrolling map that you can freely explore. The goal is not just to finish the game but also to effectively evade all the obstacles that you will encounter along the way. If you lose all your lives, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning.

The game controls are quite tricky in this game so mastery would be  very essential. You basically move around the map using a virtual joystick. Jumping however is done differently. Due to your character’s newly acquired ability, you can instantly grow a mushroom that allows you to bounce and reach higher platforms. Eventually, you will also acquire new skills including a weapon, smashing and many others that you can effectively use to surpass various challenging terrain conditions.

OddmarMore Than Just Your Typical Platformer

Oddmar is indeed more than just a typical platformer. It is not just about running from one point to another. The game features a lot of elements you can definitely enjoy. You can clear the level by reaching the end of it but if you are aiming for a bigger challenge, you might as well want to finish your sub-goals. A player can earn a maximum of three Stars per level. Each star corresponds with certain goal. Basically, you can clear a level without completing any of these goals but you’ll earn no stars in return. This particular feature earns Oddmar an incredible replay value and longevity.

Some objectives will ask you to collect certain number of icons which are randomly scattered along the way while other goals will encouraged you to find three coins that are secretly hiding on the map. There are also goals that will ask you to finish the entire level within a given time frame. Interestingly, players can always replay the level until they managed to complete all the given tasks.

OddmarDynamically-Changing Maps

Possibly one of the greatest features of Oddmar is the visually striking graphics. The game takes you to incredibly wonderful maps adorned with colorful details and graphics that are absolutely high in definition. To top it all, every level features an entirely different atmosphere. The maps are changing dynamically and you will also encounter some hidden areas where the secret coins are often located. You will also encounter various mechanisms that will either help or harm you in the process.

Some levels will ask you to cross a raging river or you might find yourself being chased by a giant rolling boulder. There’s also special underground-inspired levels where you will be chased by angry souls. The game currently has 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels to explore which include some epic Boss battles.


Oddmar is truly an incredible game that takes you to an epic journey.  It offers decent challenge while giving you a compelling plot presented in a beautiful motion comic. Above all, the game has a remarkable replay value and commendable longevity. Absolutely worth playing! Currently Oddmar is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download the game for Free. Good luck and have fun!

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