APEX Legends: Game Review

Buckle up! Get ready to jump to one of the islands with more action than you would’ve ever imagined!

“Apex Legends’s 3rd Season (Meltdown)” Arrived! A multiplayer online video game with the Royal Battle mode ON! A game where 20 squads consisting of 3 players per squad land on this island of fantasies to face each other until only the winning squad remains and those who become legends will master weapons of all kinds with characters that have special abilities, from toxic traps to creators of portals these legends have everything that every video game player always dreamed with: Jump out and prepare to shoot from guns to laser cannon rifles, machine guns, light, heavy & energy weapons. What are you waiting for? become the following legend of APEX.

APEX Legends: Game Review 1

This 3rd season of Apex Legends is already available for PS4, Xbox One & Microsoft Windows!!!

What does this 3rd season promise?
This 3rd season of Apex Legends have come with a whole new map and It promises more action than the previous seasons introducing a new Legend that every Apex gamer is talking about (Crypto), with his tactical ability “surveillance Drone” you’ll be able to watch your enemies from the sky and they’ll need to watch out before giving the next step forward since Crypto’s special ability “Drone EMP” it emits a spherical electromagnetic wave that deals damage to its enemies body-shields, slow them down & disable traps.


What’s new in this new Map?

About the map: In this 3rd season of Apex Legends a new map’s been created and with it, different stages, from ice to lava scenarios, high buildings and new secret places to loot. A video to know the how to enter on these secret places to loot has been added, check it right here:

In your first steps to master this new world you will find some “Cargobots” flying in almost every place in this new map, see picture below to check how these cargobots looks like;

APEX Legends: Game Review 2

You’ll notice that these cargobots change of colors from time to time and you may shoot them when these are blue but trust me, you want to make them fall when these are yellow. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to get a key to open 1 of these secret doors that leads to a crazy secret loot full of body-shields level 3 & 4 just like the picture below:

APEX Legends: Game Review 3

Should I download this videogame?
Absolutely yes, you should download this game and become the next Apex Legend, get prepared to shoot amazing weapons in a whole new world full of action. New enemies are coming but you will be there to knock them down!