Don’t Starve Together Review

Greetings fellow gamers and video game enthusiasts, today in the spotlight is a game that is two years old but has recently gained a large spike in popularity and it appears that it has no intention of stopping now. The game we are talking about is titled Don’t Starve Together and today we will be taking a closer look at it so sit back, relax and join us as we put Don’t Starve Together under the microscope.

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Don’t Starve Together is an indie survival game that was developed by Klei Entertainment and released during the year of 2016. The game is not a sequel but it takes inspiration and its design from its predecessor and vastly improves upon it. The inclusion of multiplayer really takes this game to the new level where the player needs to focus not just on surviving themselves but taking care of their teammates all while contributing to the mutual base.

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The game has a player choose one of the characters who all have unique mechanics and puts them in a mysterious world in which they are tasked with surviving by collecting and crafting various items and tools while using everything at their disposal. Players can scavenge the lands, craft, hunt, make bases and a lot more all while protecting themselves from monsters, spiders and of course the dark. The goal is to survive hunger, harsh temperatures and wild beasts for as long as you can while the season’s and the environment around you change.



When it comes to combat, Don’t Starve Together doesn’t feature a complicated system. The combat is as simple as it can get. Find or craft a weapon, equip it and hit things with it. And while the combat mechanics are simple, the enemies that you will encounter are not. There is a plethora of different enemies that vary in strength and while some of them will die with a couple of blows from your weapon, most of them are overpowered with massive amounts of health that will require a group of people to take down or complicated kiting strategies, or even pitting different enemies against each other.

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As far as the graphics go, the design is pretty simple but very pleasant to look at and truly gives meaning to the phrase “Less is more”. The art style is cartoonish and has the appearance of being drawn by hand which definitely makes the game look and feel unique, and really fits with the lore and the universe of the game.

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The Verdict

Overall the Don’t Starve Together is a fun and interesting game, as well as difficult which is not the impression that we get upon the first glance the game. Although it can be enjoyed as a single-player game, it is better-experienced wit ha group of friends, however, while it is easier to deal with the enemies in a larger group, the difficulty of the survival aspect increases as you need more supplies and materials.

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