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PublisherReef Entertainment
PlatformsPC, PS4, Xbox One
Size17.51 GB
Latest Version1.028

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Terminator Resistance is about as good a game as the recent films are movies.

Movie Terminator which has long been legendary, sequel to serial. What happens when the Terminator is made into a 1st person action shooter game? A game made by Teyon, and published by Reef entertaiment titled Terminator: Resistance.

From the title of this game already illustrates the storyline. For your Terminator fans you will definitely be familiar with this word “Resistance”. What is the game like Terminator: Resistance? Is this game able to bring the excitement of this legendary film into the game world? let’s review together.

Terminator: Resistance tells the story of Jacob Rivers a soldier under the command of John Connor, a resistance group that unites mankind in the fight against Skynet and its machines. Terminator: Resistance Located in Lost Angeles in 2028 after Skynet attacked humanity called Judgment Day. Jacob Rivers after surviving the Terminator massacre that destroyed his division. He went to Lost Angeles to ask for help and contact the resistance in the area.

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1st person action shooter, like its genre, the game Terminator: Resistance is themed action we will walk in the city of Lost Angeles shooting spider-shaped robots, or T-800. We can take part of the robot that we have destroyed, and we can make items or exchange them later. There are also skills that can help us finish the game. Starting from lockpick skills, hacking and others.

Hacking skills are useful for hacking some robots or turrets sent by skynets which can be said to be not very useful. In the Terminator: Resistance game, we also have to choose the answer when having a dialogue with the NPCs, and do a side quest that will determine how the ending of the Terminator: Resistance game.

Game Terminator: This resistance looks very quiet, ranging from enemies to NPCs that can be said to not give much variation in playing the game. At the beginning maybe we will think this might be only part of the initial story. And then on a mission entitled into the storm, we, along with other resistance warriors, try to survive the siege of the robots sent by Skynet.Like Call of Duty, we will run and fight side by side with other soldiers, explosions and the sound of bullets everywhere. Unfortunately after this mission this game returned to being lonely and feels very empty.

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The T-800 that we know so far in the film is also very different in the game Terminator: Resistance. They look like a turret that just stands and shoots targets, plus the T-800 is very easy to defeat, even we will very often meet 3-5 T-800 at once and easily destroy it.

Graphic Terminator: Resistance can also be said to be very mediocre, even somewhat bad. Weapons and character designs plus voice actors that seem modest.

The hope of Terminator fans to feel a part of Resistance seems lost in this game. Recoil weapons that seem to have absolutely no recoil, the gameplay is normal, plus music throughout the game makes us even more depressed when playing the game Terminator: Resistance. One positive thing from this game is the story that is enough to make us curious and some of the ending that we can get. As the T-800 says “i’ll be back”, hopefully the next Terminator game will be better than this.

The Verdict
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Terminator Resistance feels like poorly-written fan-fiction with a AA budget. What I'm saying is it's the Twilight of Terminator games. Make of that what you will.

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