League of Legends Review

League of Legends was one of the first video games to use the free-to-play model and one of the first multiplayer battle arenas, or MOBAs for short, to make it big on the gaming scene. It was developed and published by Riot Games back in 2009 and is currently one of the most played video games out there. The game has a wide variety of champions to choose from, a well-designed progression system and features an exciting fast-paced strategic gameplay.




As a MOBA, League of Legends sets two teams of players on the battlefield and pits them against each other. Each team consists of five players and they battle each other in order to gain an advantage in gold which they can then spend to purchase various items and experience by killing waves of enemies that constantly spawn at certain time points. The battlefield consists of three lanes (middle, top, and bottom) with the jungle spanning between them. Neutral enemies will keep appearing in the jungle and will award extra gold and experience to any player that kills them. The team that manages to destroy the enemy’s central base building called the Nexus wins the match.

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When it comes to combat in League of Legends, there is a lot that one needs to consider. It is a fast-paced brawl that takes into consideration numerous things such as the team’s role composition, the spells, and equipment of each champion as well as strategical thinking and positioning. This is why knowing all of the champion types is very important. There are six types of champions in total and each has its own unique traits and abilities.

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Marksmen are known as AD Carries and are usually ranged champions with the ability to deal with large amounts of physical damage.


Mages also known as AP Carries are champions that have extremely powerful spells and are capable of dealing large amounts of magic damage but are very fragile and have low defensive capabilities.


Assassin types are those champions who have extremely high mobility and are able to quickly eliminate enemy carries and other weaker champions.


Tanks are champions who can take high amounts of damage which is their primary role in a match.


Fighter champions are those champions that boast a moderate amount of defensive capabilities as well as the ability to do decent damage.


Support champions are those whose abilities are designed to directly help out teammates by providing them with healing and buffs while also harassing and debuffing enemy champions.

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League of Legends came out in 2009 and since it has been ten years since then, graphics are not the area in which League of Legends excels. While they are a little dated, the unique look and the cartoonish style fit the game’s universe and characters well and are decent enough to not make you abandon the game because of them.

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The Verdict


In conclusion, League of Legends is an extremely action-packed fast-paced MOBA that will guarantee the player a fun and exciting match. It’s free to play model, a wide variety of champions and unique graphics are all qualities which are bound to draw players to it. While it does take some time and a few games to get good at just like everything else, it is definitely a MOBA of choice for both those who want to play it casually and competitively.

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