Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game that was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game is a direct sequel to Borderlands 2 and is the fourth main entry in the Borderlands series, but does it match up to the success of Borderlands 2, or perhaps surpass it? Let’s find out, shall we?


Borderlands 3 features an already well-established Borderlands formula from the previous game which launched over five years ago and improves upon it extremely well. It brings the perfect loot driven first-person shooter experience within the Borderlands universe. recover my files startimes serial The game starts off with the player choosing one of the four classes and after discovering that the planet of Pandora has been overrun by bandits, the player is then sent to clean up the mess. recover my files 5.1 0 Borderlands 3, however, is not limited to Pandora and players can travel to seven other plants as well battling many different kinds of monsters and bosses with unique mechanics and performing lots of different quests that are well integrated into the game’s story. There are many side missions in which players can easily get lost in and many of them feel as good or better than the main questline. The game rewards exploration with easter eggs, ammo boxes, and hidden weapons so going out of your way to explore is highly encouraged and more often than not worth your while.

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When it comes to combat in Borderlands 3, it is exactly what one would come to expect from the new Borderlands entry. It is fast-paced with refined moving and shooting systems and features a whole plethora of weapons to choose from which can further be upgraded and improved. The game also features a ping system that can help you communicate more easily with your teammates and contrary to previous games, players are now able to trade weapons and share ammunition.

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As far as Borderlands 3 graphics go, they have been overhauled and drastically improved from its predecessor. However, they have also managed to keep the same art style and provide the player with the feeling and the same level of immersion that the previous title has. They are sharper, more detailed and fit the universe well, yet right of the bat when you see them, you know that you are playing a Borderlands title.

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The Verdict

In conclusion, Borderlands 3 is a great addition to the borderlands series and greatly improves on its previous entry while being able to keep the core elements of the game and its unique style. The fast-paced gameplay never slows down, even when you expect it to which makes for an extremely fun and rewarding experience. The whole endgame system is well thought out and makes for a good repeatable experience. It rewards those who are curious and wish to explore but doesn’t punish those who just wish to do one mission after another. All in all, Borderlands 3 is an excellent shooter that is best enjoyed with friends.
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