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PublisherSuper Jungle Adventure
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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Latest Version1.3.3

If you lived under the rock for past thirty years and you never heard of Super Mario Bros, give this one a go. Otherwise, skip this excuse for a game and play the real deal.


It’s almost pointless to do this review justice, but I guess it’s necessary to at least try to describe the game, although the majority of readers will have the picture by now. As a young hero, Victo, you are placed in a world of moving mushrooms, snails, snakes and different kinds of monsters. Your goal, as I experienced is, to collect as many coins as possible, and to reach the end of the level by scaling platforms and avoiding enemies and obstacles. On the mechanics menu are: moving, jumping and occasionally shooting stuff.

Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world

Shameless cloning of the timeless masterpiece

1985. was a good year for games. I guess 2018. is obviously a good year for copying those games. No way that Victo’s World – jungle adventure – super world could fit the category of games loosely inspired by a great title. Those usually run into fine reception with audiences and critics alike. But this game, on the other hand, is almost a 1/1 copy of the famous title. So the biggest surprise here is the rating. How come does this title score a 4.3 on Google Play? Is it possible that so many people haven’t played the Super Mario Bros? Or did the nostalgia for the oldies granted mercy on this one? Nevertheless, the lack of originality isn’t the first, nor the biggest problem that makes this game a flop.

(Lack of) difficulty

It is far too easy. Yes, you only have one life, if you don’t run into an edible mushroom, and yes, you have a time limit to beat the level. So, what makes it so painfully easy? Each time you die, you’ll respawn at a nearest checkpoint, and the time to beat the level will reset! So, having trouble with the time limit? Simply run into the next enemy you see, and problem solved.

Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world

The thing that makes it a bit challenging isn’t the level or game design, no, it’s the poor, the imprecise and the unresponsive control system! While I’m at it, I should mention the up arrow button on the left side which serves only as a cosmetic detail. You can’t actually use it. So, why did the team bother to implement it? Beats me. And all of it is well collaborated with a dull and slow camera, which doesn’t follow your character up. Just left and right are the options here!

The soundtrack

The soundtrack isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not even close to something catchy and exciting, and the fact it changes only when you reach bonus areas, and pick up a shield, makes it feel monotonous and boring really quick. The sound effects, especially the level complete one come off as really irritating and with poorly adjusted dynamic and volume.

The (absence of the) story

Since the game is almost an exact clone of the second Super Mario installment, you would guess the story is the same, right? Well, you can’t tell, at least at the beginning of the game. Nor you will find out soon, so the question remains: what will motivate you and the character to sit through one hundred and twenty levels? Nothing implies what is Victo after, and who and why is he trying to find, or beat, or drink tea with (while eating some shrooms).

Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world

Business model

Now comes my favorite part: the in-game shop! Yes, you can buy coins, the main collectible of the game! Invite a friend over (but please don’t) and get fifty of those shiny little things. Pay one dollar and get two hundred! And then it’s up to you, to buy some of the power-ups and abilities you can acquire during a level. If I would have to pay to delete this game, I would be willing to pay way more than they ask for these aids.

Could anything good be said about the game?

Thank God, yes! One and only acceptable element of the game lies in the visual appeal. Not to be misunderstood, it’s nothing special, but at least it’s refreshing. And by refreshing, I don’t mean original. The initial design of enemies, platforms, sprites and environment is also inspired (read: copied) by the Nintendo hit. At least the style of the graphics isn’t 8 bit. We can all agree that it would be too much, and even that is an understatement.

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