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PublisherKakao Games Corp.
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Latest Version1.3.19

Mobile games have a unique niche that other platforms aren’t able to achieve as well. Thanks to the easygoing, portable nature of the smartphone, video games can take on a wide variety of interesting forms on the small screen. Some can even take on genres that are not often seen on dedicated consoles thanks to this degree of accessibility. Lord of Dice is one of those games that takes on a different means of gaming. It is a board game with an anime flavor. Since anime is often associated with role-playing elements in video games, it’s only natural for Lord of Dice to implement a few of those as well.

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Lord of Dice can be summed up as a strategy anime RPG with board game mechanics. Although it isn’t based off of any existing anime per se, it does carry that Japanese style fans of the genre are familiar with. So at least it manages to have that going for it. The premise is more on the simple side, though. The princess is captured and taken to the Infinity Tower.

As the brave hero protagonist, it’s up to you to rescue her and defeat any creatures that come your way. It’s nothing complex by any means. However, a good video game does not necessarily need a deep plot to be engaging. That said, I do kinda wish Lord of Dice had one of those. It probably would have felt like a much deeper experience had that been the case. As is, the story there is only somewhat serviceable at best.

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That is not to say what is here in general is boring, of course. In fact, I would probably say there is a lot to like about what Lord of Dice has to offer. The board game style play that goes on is an interesting way to connect events to each other. The game is also helped by the inclusion of player vs. player battles that occur in real time. This is a definite highlight of the game. In fact, it is one that carries it to a height it wouldn’t reach without it. Plus, with over two hundred dancers to gather up for a team, the game is ripe with replayability. Battle styles can be found at a fairly constant rate, and there is a lot that goes on to make sure the player is kept busy and active.

I think I will give this one a recommendation if you’re curious enough about how these elements play out in the game itself. If there’s anything Lord of Dice has going for it, it’s its unique blend of mechanics that work out in a positively interesting blend. It’s a game with personality, and I can only give it credit for that. If anything, there are a few areas where the game could use some improvements (again, like the story). Still, give this one a try if this tickles your fancy.

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Download Lord of Dice APK for Android/iOS

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