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MyNBA2K19 is a very unique sports game that will introduce basketball in an all new different level. We might have seen some NBA-inspired mobile game that is mostly presented in a very impressive manner. Some of these games are defined by their hardcore graphics and highly realistic gameplay. MyNBA2K19, however offer something new, unique and entertaining . The main objective is to form the most effective team and win every challenge. You will assign players on each challenge and try your best to make them more efficient to maximize your chances in winning.

MyNBA2K19The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. Since the gameplay is somehow unique, players are encouraged to familiarize the entire process. Mastery is definitely the key to win this game. As soon as the game begins, users will be asked to select their preferred team. Interestingly, these teams are derived from real NBA teams such as Chicago Bulls, Lakers, Miami Heat and New Orleans to name a few.

MyNBA2K19 is generally considered as a Collectible Card game. One of the main goals is to collect your favorite NBA Stars from past and present and build your ultimate team. You can form your own team regardless of what team your character or player card originally belongs to. The game allows you to challenge other gamers across the globe in a variety of modes.

MyNBA2K19Modes to Explore

Currently, MyNBA2K19 has four modes to explore. This includes Quick Game, 2 on 2, Reigning Threes and Limited Event modes. Quick Game as what the title suggests is a mode that features a quick match challenge. In this mode, you will have a randomly selected team and you will manually pick an opponent. The game will display the player’s status including the Number of Wins and Number of Loses which will give you the idea of which player to pick based on your current experience. After selecting your opponent, the game will now prompt you to the Quick match.

Random mode will be automatically selected including the Rebounding, PlayMaking, Defense and Offense. Some modes will require two cards. Interestingly, MyNBA2K19 comes with a very unique presentation. Instead of moving avatars, what you will see are moving cards dribbling the ball. 2 on 2 Mode is another interesting team match campaign. 2 on 2 is consist of 4 Quarters with 4 battles per quarter.

Each quarter, you will deal 5 cards from your deck. Every battle, you and your partner will pick a card. After selection, your cards are being matched against the opponents’ cards and only the strongest one will win. Reigning Threes is one of the recent addition to this game which offers and equally entertaining gameplay. Here, you have to pick your champions and send them into a progressive tournament. Winning this game allows you to earn unique points which you can spend in the reigning three in-game store every month.

MyNBA2K19Collectible Cards

Probably one of the most engaging element of MyNBA2K19 is the player’s ability to collect cards. These are cards that are inspired from real players from real NBA teams from both past and present. Currently, there are more than 400 collectible cards available for the 2018-2019 NBA season alone. This amount will eventually grow as new season approaches. Each card can be upgraded to dramatically increase their attributes and also to make them more efficient in the battle and to maximize your chances in winning.


MyNBA2K19 is indeed an addictive and entertaining collectible card game. It offers a very unique approach to our traditional basketball game which makes this game more distinctive and unique above the rest. Appearance wise, the game is generally simple and less complex yet it has a remarkable replay value and incredible longevity. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download MyNBA2K19 for free. Have fun!

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