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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version5.43.0

When it comes to simulation games, it is very hard to imagine the list without The Sims in it. The game is probably one of the most popular life simulation games to ever exist. Started as a game for PC in year 200, The Sims has become a massive success and eventually led to a big franchise. Several installments and spinoffs were created and one of which includes The Sims Freeplay, a strategic life simulation game that is developed exclusively for mobile devices. The Sims Freeplay managed to capture all the wonderful elements from its predecessor.

The main objective for this game is simple. It prompts you into an open virtual world and your task is to build houses, control Sims and satisfy all their wishes in order to build a great and successful virtual community. Although you are free to do anything in this game, The Sims Freeplay still has tasks you must follow and accomplish in order to progress.

The Sims FreeplayThe Gameplay

The mechanics for The Sims Freeplay are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, you will be asked to create your very first Sims. Interestingly, this life simulation game offers overwhelming amount of possibilities. You can freely customize your character based on your very own preferences. Players can select their preferred gender, clothes, physical features and many more. You can give your character its very own identity and personality.

In the entire course of the game, The Sims Freeplay will provide a series of tasks that the player must accomplish in order to progress. This might involve customizing Sims house, buying new appliances, interacting with fellow Sims and even getting a job. Take note that it is important to find a job and get paid in return. The virtual currencies such as Simoleons, Lifestyle and Social Points are used to purchase items in the game.

The Sims FreeplayCreating Your Dream Community

The Sims Freeplay is generally not just your typical life simulation game. It comes with many impressive features from customizing your character, designing a house and building your dream community. You can a create a Sims Town entirely on your own preferences. In fact, as you progress, you will be eligible in adding other interesting facilities like a Pet Shop, run a car dealership, operate a shopping mall or even a beach resort.

Another interesting element in this game is ability to give your Sims a social life. In The Sims Freeplay, your Sims can interact with other Sims. They can go on a date, get married and start his or her own family. Other activities you can do is to throw out some festive parties, grill outdoors or simply snuggle up by the fireplace for a movie night.

The Sims FreeplaySocializing and Drama

What makes The Sims Freeplay exciting is the extra drama that it has. The game managed to capture all the impressive elements from its predecessors. It allows you to socialize with other Sims and interact with them as if you are interacting in real people. Despite the fact that they are merely virtual representation, the game provides some highly realistic scenarios.  Your Sim can go on a date, start a relation and build a love life of his own. If he finds a perfect, they will eventually get marries and start a family. Of course, it is also important to establish your own career in order to support your family. You can even create your entire new Sims story and watch your Sims grow into age. Create your own story and interact with others Sims the way you want.


The Sims Freeplay is indeed a great life simulation great that provides endless possibilities. The fate of your character relies on how you interact with your environment which provides an unpredictable scenarios. It has a remarkable longevity and there’s also a lot of ways to enjoy this game. Currently, The Sims Freeplay is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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