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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size34 MB
Latest Version1.3

When you live and sin, you’re playing an indie game like no other. If you think you’re a sharpshooter, Mr. Gun is a game that’s rather here to be the judge of that. Don’t be intimidated by its antics; you just have to play along equally. Are you ready for the challenge? If so, Mr. Gun is a game that’s for you. You haven’t lived until you played this great little indie darling as well. I would know, because I had a good time being tested by this little game. It’s the kind of title that stimulates the mind. It keeps your mind busy as you take into account the actions that go on during gameplay. Sometimes, that’s all the challenge you would need to keep yourself on your toes.

Download Mr. Gun APK for Android/iOS 1

It has very little in terms of graphics, but realistic visuals aren’t everything. There is no need for them to make up a game. All you need are your wits. In that regard, Mr. Gun has a lot of fun on offer. There is no other game that tests your sharpshooting skills this closely and intimately. You could only find this kind of intense experience here in Mr. Gun. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy yourself with this title. Mr. Gun is the kind of game that ensures enjoyment is a distinct possibility.

In fact, I recommend Mr. Gun a good ton for what it does do. It’s an effective video game that stands up among the better games available on mobile. Although a lot of games on Google Play like to be all epic and glamorous, Mr. Gun knows for a fact that that’s not necessary for a game to be fun and intense. That’s what makes this game stand out among the others. It knows what’s good for the player experience. Besides, why else would it be crafted in such a careful fashion? It’s clear that it was made by a competent developer that was striven to create something original for the mobile marketplace. And he or she managed to do so in a way that lives up to the game’s potential.

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Mr. Gun is the kind of game you can expect to challenge you in ways that only it could be able to. If you are up for the challenge, you should definitely give this game a go. It may surprise you in more ways than one. Be careful on how you approach the game, though. You never know when it might just kick your butt and be proud of it. Yet, this is one of those games where players are more than welcome to take that risk. The only question left is: Are you one of those players? If you are, then you know what the drill is! Get out there and start shooting it up!

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Download Mr. Gun APK for Android/iOS

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