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From the developers behind some of the most popular mobile games today such as PUBG and Arena of Valor comes another addictive game! Tencent Games recently released their newest auto-battle game called Chess Rush. This game is possibly the company’s answer to Valve’s DOTA Underlords. The game allows you to deploy heroes on a chess-like battlefield  and compete against opponents in a match that could possibly run for more than ten minutes. Your objective is to strategically win all battles and outrank your opponents in the global server. If you think you are skillful enough to master this epic auto battler, feel free to explore Chess Rush and let the epic journey begins.

Chess RushThe Gameplay

Tencent Games are known for their overall complexity. PUBG for an instance requires a lot of skills to win and survive the game and same thing goes with Arena of Valor. Chess Rush, however, has a very simple approach. The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. Auto Battler or Auto Chess Battle is seemingly a new genre of gaming that is getting quite a hype. Not too long ago, the Battle Royale games are getting the same treatment and with the recent release of DOTA Underlords (Valve), TeamFight Tactics (Riot Games) and now Chess Rush, the giant gaming companies are seemingly exploring a new gaming genre.

As soon as the game begins, the game will first ask you if you are a Newbie or if you are already an Expert. If you are new in the game, Chess Rush will welcome you with a step-by-step training. The game will take place on a 8×8 chess-like battlefield. There will be two phases in this game; the Preparation and the Battle Phase. During the Preparation Phase, you will be asked to deploy heroes and place them on the battlefield. To start, simply tap the Heroes portal or the banner located on the lower right of the game screen. To summon heroes, you need to have the right amount of Mana.

Chess RushRecruit, Deploy and Battle

If you have played Clash Royale, you will find the recruitment process in Chess Rush quite similar. As you tap on the banner, the game will present you five random heroes. The heroes will vary depending on their respective class and the amount of gems (Mana) needed to summon them. Heroes that require bigger gems are definitely stronger than those who require less. Once recruited, the heroes will be temporarily placed on the standby area at the lowermost portion of the battle field. From here, you will decide which heroes to deploy on the battle.

Take note that each battle will require a certain number of heroes. If the battle only requires four heroes, then only four heroes can be deployed. If you placed more than four heroes during the Preparation phase, the extra heroes will be pulled out during the Battle Phase (randomly selected by the system). After deploying the heroes, the game will now enter the Battle Phase (Preparation will only take more or less ten seconds). Battle system is turn-based but everything will be done automatically. Therefore, it doesn’t require much of the player’s interaction. You stay in the game as long as you still have heroes remaining on the field, otherwise, you will get defeated and your rank will descend.

Chess RushUnique Upgrade System and Quests

Chess Rush also comes with a unique upgrade system. Unlike the typical way to upgrade heroes where you need to use virtual currencies to increase their levels and make them more efficient, this game is more strategical. In order to upgrade your hero, you must have one or more identical heroes on your standby area. You can combine two or more identical heroes to raise their level and to improve their respective attributes and increase their chances of surviving.

Located on the upper right of the game screen is the Rank board that displays all the top players. Here, you can monitor your progress. Every time you got defeated, your rank will descend on the chart and if you reached the maximum amount of defeats, the game will come to a quick end and you just need to start and join another server. The game also comes with a Quest system that makes it even more engaging as well as the ability to customize your avatar. There’s also a Daily bonus and other equally-engaging campaigns to explore.

Chess RushThe Verdict

Chess Rush is truly a great game. It is simple, fun yet surprisingly tricky at the same time. Despite the apparent simplicity, the players are still encouraged to establish the most effective stratagy to maximize their chances of winning. Appearance wise, the game will definitely not disappoint. It comes with visually stunning interface and wonderfully designed characters. Since the multiplayer auto battle are unpredictable, Chess Rush has an impressive replay value and commendable longevity that most players will enjoy. Currently, Chess Rush is available on both Android and iOS devices for Free. Have fun!

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