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While previously known under the title, Last Day Alive, Left to Survive is the kind of game where you have to survive a zombie attack. This kind of concept is something that console games like Call of Duty have taken advantage of for quite a while now. Zombies taking over lands in video games is really not a new idea in general. However, what matters is if the concept holds up well despite the overuse of it in the market. Fortunately for Left to Survive, the odds are rather well in its favor thanks to the functional execution of the game.

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Left to Survive is a pretty intense game thanks to how it weaves the zombie invasion concept in with the shooting gameplay. What you have is a game that’s all about how you plan to shoot them off and proceed to advance forth once you figure out what to do. This is a game that heavily relies on its strategy elements, and in a way that benefits the user experience. As intense as it is, that’s what makes this formula fun for the mobile player. After all, there is simply no reason to have it any other way.

Hordes of zombies are out to get the player, but how you decide to kill them could have an impact in the long run. There are loads of weapons for players to try out and use on vermin. Choppers can even be utilized to unleash a massive bullet storm upon the baddies that are unfortunate enough to be in its way.

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If zombies do not really appeal to you, though, there is a mode that is sure to make up for it. After all, what would a shooting game these days be with a way to face off against other people in real time? Yep, Left to Survive has a player vs. player system, and it works as well as one would hope! This is a great feature, because I actually think this is a more enjoyable mode than the zombies one. That is not to say it isn’t fun slaughtering a bunch of mindless zombies, of course. It’s just that anytime there is a mode featuring online play, it would immediately be the highlight of the game entirely for me. Left to Survive is just the latest in a long line of games that feel that way.

However way you may decide to play the game though, I have to give Left to Survive a high recommendation. This is a pretty great zombie game that manages to capture the heart of big budget shooter games for the sake of mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun to dig into the zombie mode and kill loads of them, but it’s arguably even more fun to take your skills and pit them against others that work hard to increase their ranks. All in all, you should definitely give this a download.

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Download Left to Survive APK for Android/iOS

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