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Ludo PlusAnother classic tabletop game enters the mobile gaming platform! Aside from the Solitaire card games, Ludo is probably one of the most adapted games in mobile. You can literally spot an endless number of Ludo-inspired games on both Android and iOS app store. This particular game which is referred in the actual app as “Ludo Plus” is the only game from Ludo Game (developer). It’s a simple, fun and somehow nostalgic game which captures all the elements from the classic tabletop puzzle.

Ludo Plus or 2018 Ludo Star Game (the game’s given title on Google Play) is basically your typical Ludo game. There’s nothing really special about the game or any unique feature to explore yet it’s the classic Ludo we loved. If you are an avid fan of this classic game, you might consider including this app on your mobile game list!

Ludo PlusThe Gameplay

The game follows the same mechanics and gameplay. Ludo is basically a game of chance as players will mainly rely on the results of their dice rolls. The main objective is to bring all your four Ludo tokens/pieces to the finish line. The first player who can manage to do so wins the game. Ludo uses a special game board which is meant for four players.

The board is divided into four parts which are represented by different colors; Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Each corner occupies a 6×6 area from the entire 15×15 grid, these are the starting point of your Ludo pieces. The remaining uncolored areas will serve as the playspace.  All tokens should pass through the white ground until they all reach their respective colored ground and the finish line on the center.

The game is simple yet absolutely tricky. First of all, players can only move the tokens out of the Starting square if they roll 6. The tokens that are already on the playspace can be moved normally based on the result of their dice rolls. If a player rolls a 6, he has an option to either release another token from the starting square or move a token that is already on the field. Rolling a 6 also grants players a bonus roll.

Download LUDO Plus APK - For Android/iOS 1The challenge comes in when a player’s token lands on the same spot of your token. This will bring your token back to the starting square. Interestingly, players can prevent this from happening by successfully stepping on the safe area. Those areas marked with Star are safe zones as well as the colored area that connects the squares to the finish line.

If the player reaches the colored lane or path, no other players can consume their tokens and they just need to roll the correct number of dice to reach the finish line. Again, the first player who brings all the four tokens on the finish line wins the game.

Computer and Local Mode

Ludo Plus offers two playable modes; Computer and Local. Computer mode is playable in 2 Players and 4 Players campaign. All the opponents are computer-generated. Local mode on the other hand, allows you to play with friends (available in 2, 3 and 4 Player campaigns).

The difficulty level in Computer mode cannot be set and the AI level is undeniably challenging and tough to beat. The game might fall into a Game of Chance category but players must still come up with effective strategy to maximize their chances in winning.

Ludo PlusDeceiving App

The game is generally simple and offers a decent amount of challenge and fun but the app is quite deceiving. Contrary to how it is being advertised on Google Store, the game has no online mode that allows you to play against another player.  It has no leaderboard system and no Daily Bonus features either. It has a button that allows you to watch video but you are not going to receive any in return.

Perhaps the developers are still working on these additional features. This false information, however, should not be displayed to prevent players from expecting too much.

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Download LUDO Plus APK for Android/iOS

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