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PlatformsAndroid 4.0+; iOS N/A
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Latest Version1.2.1

Though labelling itself as a racing game, Moto Rider is indeed an endless runner kind of game. And similar to other endless runner games, in Moto Rider, your goal is to focus on keeping driving as long as possible to earn points and gold. There is no finish line and there is no winning condition, you only need to dodge other vehicles on the road to avoid crashing. That maybe the reason why the game features portrait mode instead of landscape mode like how we often see in racing games.

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With that being said, the game does give you a decent driving/racing experience even though there is no real race happening in game. But note that there are always many vehicles travelling ahead of you in both ways. Both normal vehicles and police cars would not only stay in their lanes but also change lane often in attempts to block you, mess with you, very often. Things could be quite tense, much more tense than in some traditional racing games because just one minor mistake and you might have to play all over again with 0 points.

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You will get to see mechanics you often do in endless runner games. Like you can spend gold to unlock (buy) new and better motorbikes to have better runs (because of different stats, numbers of lives that each motorbike has); earn gold by watching video ads; double the gold you receive from each run by watching a short video ad upon being unable to continue “running”; there are buffs, lives and gold here and there along the road that you can pick up by running into them with your motorbike ….

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There was one down point of the game that many of its players are complaining about. It is the amount of ads a player might get to see in game, a bit too much it becomes annoying. Not only auto popup ads, you will see quite many ads on the user interface. At this point, seems like – the developer of Moto Rider did take action to improve the overall user experience to reduce the number of negative feedback from the players on the app stores.

With the domination of series like MotoGP, in motorbike racing, and Asphalt, in car racing, maybe Moto Rider’s developer made the right choice by mixing the racing genre with endless runner genre to give players a good enough casual game with some interesting experience.

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