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PublisherSnail Games USA Inc
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Size24 MB
Latest Version1.1.5

download Tales of GaiaSnail Games USA Inc delivers a lot of amazing MMORPGs on mobile. There’s the Taichi Panda , Sword of Shadows and Battle Kingdoms to name a few. Tales of Gaia is an interesting addition to their list! The game features remarkable 3D graphics in a well polished hack-and-slash combat system. If you have played games like Final Fantasy Dimension II, RPG Elemental Knights and others, you will find a lot of notable similarities from this game. Generally, this game offers everything you need for a MMORPG and if you are into such genre, you can confidently download Tales of Gaia and start your epic journey!

The game follows a story of the Creator who created the Kingdom of Gaia which is divided into nine lands. However, due to the fear that human’s greed would destroy his land, he created Ancient Dragon. Unfortunately, the dragons took advantage of their power and wreck havoc to the kingdom. Now that the human lives are threatened, a hero will rise to protect them and to bring the kingdom back to its harmony. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to download Tales of Gaia and see how far you can go.

download Tales of GaiaThe Gameplay

Tales of Gaia is generally your typical MMORPG. The mechanics are simple and easily manageable. The game starts by picking your preferred character. There are four main class to choose from and each has their own sub-classes or referred here as Roles. Main classes include Dwarf, Elf, Titan and Human. A Dwarf class for instance can play the role of either a Sharpshooter or a Ravager while Human can either become a Swordsman or a Knight. The game allows you to switch from one class to another upon reaching Level 20.

The controls are very simple and easily manageable too. You can move around the map using the virtual joystick or better yet use the Auto Pathfinding system to reach your destination automatically. When engaged in a battle, you have tap-based buttons to activate the skills. Interestingly, if you download Tales of Gaia, you are free to explore the map and enter various campaigns such as Co-Op and PvP Combat.

download Tales of GaiaSuperb Graphics

One of the greatest highlights that you will surely appreciate when you download Tales of Gaia is the superb graphics. The game is absolutely a visual delight. It treats you with amazing 3D graphics and PC-level special effects. The game is adorned with wonderful and intricate details which makes you feel like playing RPG in higher gaming console.

The design is more like a merge between oriental and medieval. In addition to that, the weapons are wonderfully designed for each class. You can also customize each character based on your very own preferences.  With amazing graphics and special effects, it is impossible not to enjoy this MMORPG.

download Tales of GaiaQuest and Multiplayer System

It’s not MMORPG without highlighting the Multiplayer system. Much like the typical game of the same category, if you download Tales of Gaia, you will get a chance to interact with other online players. You can do such in many ways. There’s a Guild System which allows you to join a team and there’s an Alignment system which allows you to partner with someone else of a certain mission. You can even team up with 40 other players when entering dungeons and defeat gigantic bosses altogether. The game also features  Pet System which allows you to train and upgrade pets to accompany you in your mission.

Speaking of mission, the only way to progress in this game is by accepting quests and completing your mission. This allows you to earn rewards which is in form of experience and other items. There are also daily missions and Side Quests that you can take advantage with.


Tales of Gaia is an impressive MMORPG in many levels. It will absolutely meet all your expectations in terms of the graphics and gameplay. Considering that it is Free-To-Play, Tales Of Gaia is indeed a great catch and something you can confidently include on top of your game list. There’s too many features to explore and the game is constantly making developments to make it better. Take note that the game requires stable Internet connection.

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