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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version0.29.0

It is undeniable that Battle Royale genre in gaming is becoming mainstream. We can find an overwhelming number of battle royale games on almost every mobile Playstore. Zooba is just one of the many games that adopted the concept. Thanks to Fortnite and PUBG, many game developers used the same addictive formula of survival battle and deliver their games in their very own approach. Zooba is an exciting battle royale game that takes you to an entirely different survival adventure. The goal in this game is to be the last animal standing. To do so, you must be skillful enough to eliminate all the enemies you encounter along the way. If you are up for an exciting MOBA challenge, feel free to explore Zooba and see how far your skills can take you.

ZoobaThe Gameplay

Zooba is basically a portmanteau of Zoo Battle. The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. However, much like any MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) or battle royale game, the players are strongly encouraged to establish an effective strategy to maximize their chances of survival. The main objective is to take control of your animal character and enter the battlefield. Zooba features a fixed map and all the players will be deployed on the same island. Prior to the actual battle, you will be asked to select your preferred drop off point.

The game will give 30 seconds to wait for all the other players to enter the server. Once done, everyone will be deployed on their respective drop off point. Like any Battle Royale game, you start the game with no weapons at all. Weapons are randomly scattered on the map and you just have to pick them up and utilize their function to survive. You can move around the 3D map using the virtual joypad and attack nearby enemies using the tap-based buttons. The battlefield will gradually shrink as the fire approaches the center and you must keep the character on the safe zone to survive. The last animal standing wins the battle!

ZoobaCutesy Battle Royale

With so many Battle Royale games today, the games overall originality is somehow compromised. Characters from one battle royale game to another are almost the same. This is what exactly makes Zooba more distinctive above the rest. It features adorable characters in the cartoonish atmosphere which makes the game lighter and more user-friendly. Stealth also plays a huge role in this game. There are areas in the map that allows you to hide. Tall grasses, for instance, will make your character undetectable unless enemies will approach the same spot.

Unlike typical battle royale though, the game only features three variety of weapons. You have the rifle which is short-range, you have the grenade that allows you to create massive damage and a bow and arrow that allows you to hit enemies from afar. Weapons might only be categorized into three variants but they all come in different rarities with different attributes. You cannot upgrade your weapon and instead, you just have to search for a new one.  Along with weapons, you can also collect medkits and crates which you can both use for your own advantage. Med Kits partially restores your health while Crates allow you to win a valuable prize at the end of each game.

ZoobaMissions and Achievements

It is also interesting to note that Zooba comes with multiple campaigns you can freely explore. Apart from its Single Player campaign(Solo Mode), Zooba is also playable in Duo mode which is cooperative. Another interesting element of this game is the crate. It allows you to win valuable prizes in the form of golden tags, virtual currency or better yet a new character. Speaking of which, there is an overwhelming number of characters to unlock in this game. Each character has its own skill and attributes that you can upgrade using the gold tags you collected.

You can also equip them with special items to make them more efficient in the battle. Another reason to enjoy Zooba is the daily mission which allows you to win various prizes such as premium gems and keys that you use to unlock special crates. The multiplayer element of Zooba comes with the player’s ability to connect the game with his Facebook account. This allows you to play with your friends. You can create or join an existing room and enter the battlefield along with your friends.

ZoobaThe Verdict

With so many free to play Battle Royale in the market today, Zooba managed to differentiate itself from the rest by providing a light and colorful atmosphere. The visuals are truly impressive and the gameplay is well-polished. Since this is a MOBA game, a stable Internet connection is highly required for a smooth and uninterrupted battle royale experience. Overall, this is a new take to a classic battle royale and is something you can confidently include on your game list. Currently, Zooba is available for both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and Have fun!

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