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Latest Version2.71.0

Trivia CrackIt’s time to put your IQ level on a big test! If you love history, science, arts, geography or you know a lot of the current events and an absolute movie geek, this mobile game is a perfect fit. Etermax’ Trivia Crack will absolutely put your knowledge on a test. This game takes you to a series of fun-filled quizzes of different trivia from various topics and categories. Interestingly, Trivia Crack is more than just a Question and Answer game! The greatest part of this mobile app is its multiplayer component which allows you to compete against another player in real time.

The main objective is simple, answer the trivia questions correctly. In the game’s main campaign, the goal is to be the first one to collect all the six characters. If you think you are bright enough to master this game, prepare yourself for epic brain-draining quizzes with Trivia Crack.

Trivia CrackThe Gameplay

The game prompts you to a very simple user interface. There are three main campaigns to choose from; Main Campaign, Triviathon and Trivia Rush. The main campaign allows you to compete with another player in a turn based format. The classic mode welcomes you with a colorful roulette which contains all the available Trivia categories. Simply hit the Spin button to generate the category.

The roulette has seven colors and each pertains to a certain category except the Crown Icon which throws random trivia. The categories include Geography, Science, History, Sports, Arts and Entertainment. Each category also represents a cute character which you must all collect to win the match.

Here’s how the game works. After spinning the roulette, the game prompts you to the Trivia Question which offers Multiple Choices. Simply tap the correct answer to proceed. If the answer is right, you will proceed again to the spinning roulette to select your next category. Generally, a player will continue answering questions as long as he answers them correctly. You can collect a character for every 3 consecutive correct answers or if you get the Crown icon from the Roulette. Getting the Crown Icon will give you two options; Answer the random trivia and collect a character you picked or Challenge the opponent and steal one of his collected characters. The player who gets all the six characters (Hector, Tito, Al, Pop, Bonzo and Tina) wins the game.

Trivia CrackOther Game Modes

The main page will showcase three more campaigns such as Triviathon, Trivia Rush and Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt is just an achievement-based campaign where you earn rewards by reaching certain number of correct answers. Triviathon is a Single Player campaign which takes you to a series of random Trivia Questions. The rule is simple, do not make any mistakes or else the game is over.

Trivia CrackTrivia Rush, on the other hand, is also a multiplayer campaign which allows you to enter a Tournament. Before you enter the game, you must bid for money and the prize will be divided based on the players number of correct answers. This is mainly where the ecoins (virtual money) is being used. Diamonds is another special currency in this game. Players can use the diamonds to collect cards from the vending machine. Collecting the same card in a day grants you with amazing prize.

Real Time Notification, Friends and Chat System

Players must create their own profile to play Trivia Crack and they can link their own Facebook account to this game as well. This allows you to compete against your Friends who also play the app. This also enables the game’s chat system where you can interact with other players by broadcasting a shout out or personal messages.

Another interesting feature of the game is the real time notification. Since the game is done in a turn based format, players must wait for their respective turn. The game will notify the phone user if the opponent loses the turn. Take note that you can only deal with the same opponent within limited time so if you let the match unattended, you might lose the game.

Trivia CrackVerdict

Trivia Crack is definitely a challenging yet super fun game. The questions will range from super easy to extremely hard and you will seldom encounter the same question. However, since the game highlights its multiplayer component, Internet connection is required to play this game. It doesn’t have an offline mode which could make the game more engaging and fun. Most of all, the game is not just fun but also educational. Nevertheless, Trivia Crack is absolutely worth playing with.

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Download Trivia Crack APK for Android/iOS

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