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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size95 MB
Latest Version1.2.21

Get ready for some tropical racing adventure with Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing! Just in case you missed the action from highly acclaimed video games like Crash Team Racing (CTR) or the Mario Kart racing franchise, you will surely enjoy the experience you can get from Beach Buggy Racing. It’s a well-polished racing mobile game that provides you an excellent 3D graphics and smooth yet action-filled racing experience. The mission is to take control of your beach buggy and outrank all your opponents by being the first one to reach the finish line. If you are up for a fun-filled and action-packed racing adventure, feel free to explore Beach Buggy Racing and see how far you can go.

Beach Buggy RacingThe Gameplay

Beach Buggy Racing works the same way with any of your typical racing game. The mechanics are simple and easily manageable yet just like any game that falls into the same category, the players are encouraged to exert the best of their skills to maximize their chances of winning. Beach Buggy Racing comes with basic game controls. You have the option to use the Tilt Screen or the Buttons to maneuver your vehicle. Just head over the settings and select your preferred driving controls.

From time to time, you will also encounter power-ups. Simply driver over one of them and it will randomly provide you with special abilities which could either be consumed one time or for a limited duration. Simply tap the powerup button to activate them. The game only ends once you have reached the Finish line regardless of what position you are in and you will be scored and rated based on your performance. Each race allows you to earn a maximum of 3 Stars and you must earn enough of them in order to unlock bonus levels and boss battles.

Beach Buggy RacingCustomize Your Buggy

One of the best elements in this game aside from its remarkable 3D graphics is the ability to customize your own buggy. Every time you finish a match, you will earn gold coins which you can use to buy upgrades or new designs for your vehicle. From the main menu, head over to Career mode and tap the Upgrade button. Here, you can manually change the paint and stickers on your buggy. You can also upgrade your buggy’s attributes such as Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Strength to make the car more efficient and effective on every match.

Take note that the price for each upgrade will increase exponentially so better engage yourself in more races to earn more coins. The higher the rank you finish, the bigger the prize you’ll get. If you have earned enough money, you can also switch to more powerful Cars.  You can also upgrade Power-Ups to increase their duration and effectiveness during the race.

Beach Buggy RacingPower Ups, Boss Battles, and More Campaigns

Power-ups are one of the most essential parts of Beach Buggy Racing. You can take advantage of this special ability to win the race. Some powerups are destructive that allows you to target enemies that are ahead of you. You can launch projectiles or other throwing weapons to possibly outrank them. Some powerups like Oil slick are made for enemies behind you while powerups like Nitro boost allows you to gain more speed during the race. Just be mindful that these are all randomly generated so you cannot really tell which of the power-ups you can acquire.

Boss Battles is also an important feature of Beach Buggy Racing. In order to unlock the Boss Battle, you must earn enough stars. Each level has three major objectives to accomplish and each of them is equivalent to a Star. In Boss battle, you will be fighting head to head with special characters who are often armed with special skills. Beating them will not just grant you a bigger prize but also give you access to other campaigns. Defeating Leilani for an instance will unlock Quick Race and Championship campaigns. It also unlocks new drivers and allows you to use them and their special power in your future races. Players can also take advantage of the Daily Challenge and the Daily Reward system of Beach Buggy Racing.

Beach Buggy RacingThe Verdict

Beach Buggy Racing is definitely a game that will not disappoint. The quality of this game is highly comparable to those well-acclaimed videos games we used to play on higher gaming consoles. It treats players with remarkable 3D graphics with creative visuals and dynamically changing atmosphere (there are night and day cycle and other creative maps to explore). It’s definitely worth a download and surprisingly Free for both Android and iOS devices! Have fun!

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