Block Puzzle Jewel Free Review 

PublisherNCT Games
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size32 MB

Block Puzzle Jewel Free is as its name suggests, a block puzzle game that was developed for the mobile platform by NCT Games. The game was published in December 2019 and although it is relatively new compared to other numerous games of the same genre, it comes with its own set of rules as well as an interesting twist on a very familiar gameplay concept which definitely makes it a game worthy of trying out, so let’s take a closer look at it.

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As previously mentioned, Block Puzzle Jewel Free features a simple familiar block puzzle concept, but with a modern twist Instead of trying to eliminate blocks in a single row and stop them from building too high up, or trying to match three or more blocks of the same color, the object of the game is to simply eliminate blocks by completing a row or a column on the board. The player receives the block shapes in sets of three and has to place all three of them on the boar, before being able to receive more of them. These changes make the game a ton of fun to play and the additional features which we will mention later in this article help spice up the gameplay and make it more exciting. Block Puzzle Jewel Free features three different modes that players can experience.

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Classic Mode

These are classic modes that are exactly what they are advertised to be. No gimmicks, no bonuses, no hidden secrets. The player is given a board and a set of pieces to choose however he/she wants to place them on the board in order to earn the highest score possible. When there are no more moves to be made the game ends.

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Timed Mode

This mode is a bit more challenging and is essentially a race against the clock in which the player is tasked with earning the highest possible score in two minutes by placing the shapes on the board in the best possible order. In this mode, special blocks will spawn which when destroyed, stop the clock for a short period of time so destroying as many of these as you can is key to getting a high score. Once the timer runs out, the game is over.

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Bomb Mode

In this mode, the player needs to destroy each bomb block in ten moves or less. If a bomb is not destroyed within five moves, another one will be added onto the board. If one of the bombs explodes, the game is over.

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How to play

Block Puzzle Jewel Free is available on the official Google Play Store and is completely free to pay which means that everyone with a mobile phone that uses at least Android version 4.1.

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Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

Additional to having tons of fun, there are many other benefits to playing puzzle games such as Block Puzzle Jewel Free. Numerous studies and experiments have shown over and over that solving puzzles and playing puzzle games can have very positive effects on the human brain.

Jigsaw puzzles and other forms of puzzles and puzzle games have proven to reinforce already formed connections between brain cells which in turn improves the short-term memory. This helps humans remember the basic characteristics of the puzzle pieces such as shapes or colors and helps them form the bigger picture, which in turn helps them figure out how different pieces fit together.

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When faced with a puzzle, humans are given multiple choices which could lead to solving the puzzle, and this game does exactly that. It is those exact same choices that encourage creative thinking which helps develop our problem-solving skills.

Improved visual-spatial reasoning is just one more positive side effect of playing and solving puzzle games. To complete the challenges set in these games, players are often required to look at different pieces simultaneously and figure out how they connect to each other and how they fit into the grander scheme of things.

These and many other positive side effects such as a higher IQ and a better mood overall are all developed by playing Puzzle games such as Block Puzzle Jewel free, and are easily transferrable to other real-life scenarios and can help us figure out a solution to a specific problem a lot quicker than an average person.


The Verdict

In conclusion, Block Puzzle Jewel Free is an extremely fun game that one can play while relaxing and unwinding on a couch, on a trip and pretty much anywhere else. The new twist on the old gameplay mechanics makes the game interesting while the additional modes, features, and gimmicks provide the player with the ability to adjust the difficulty, challenge and pace of the game to his/her own preference. All of that combined with all of the benefits of puzzle games, as well as, it using a free-to-play model make Block Puzzle Jewel Free a game that everyone should play.

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