Top 5 Mobile MMORPGs With The Most Breathtaking Visuals

There are so many MMORPGs on the mobile market today and it’s quite a challenge to pick one that will meet all your expectations. What does it really take to consider an MMORPG a great one? Of course, the story should play a huge role and should always be a top criteria. Almost all the RPGs today follow the same formula and the same plot which makes them less engaging.

The gameplay should also be considered. While most mobile MMORPGs rely heavily on automated features some games are still clever enough to deliver a unique approach either through a unique combat system or by doing it the classic RPG way (without the Auto-Play). We cannot also deny the fact that graphics have a huge impact in the game. The better the quality, the better and more satisfying gaming experience! So we listed down some of the newest mobile MMORPGs with the most remarkable graphics that you can confidently include on your device today!

Lineage 2: RevolutionLineage 2: Revolution

Following the success of its predecessors, the Lineage II Revolution offers tons of great features that are probably beyond expectations. The Lineage series, which are originally developed for Windows platform, managed to established a great reputation as far as the MMORPG genre is concerned. The critically-acclaimed game series was first introduced in the late 90s which makes it one of the earliest MMORPGs to hit the market. The first game was followed by an equally-successful prequel for Windows. Since then, the series expanded to many spin-offs and eventually ventured to mobile platform. Lineage 2: Revolution is a direct sequel to Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction that is set 100 years after the events of the aforementioned installment.

Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction was greatly praised for its impressive visuals. It was launched in 2003 for Microsoft Windows while Lineage 2: Revolution by Netmarble was released for mobile after 14 years! Netmarble has a great reputation and was able to produce some amazing MMORPGs under their name. Some of which includes the Iron Throne, Destiny Knights, and more. They are also behind the hit Marvel Future Fight game. With such a history of great games, Netmarble provided the same treatment with Lineage 2: Revolution. This game is an absolute visual delight that treats you with breathtaking visuals, stunning character designs, and takes you to an immersive 3d world. Appearance-wise, Lineage 2: Revolution is way better than its predecessors. Although Snail Games is also brewing a new Lineage mobile game but the release date is still unannounced.

Lineage 2: RevolutionThe game will take you back to the iconic realm of Lineage series but the game is set 100 years after the Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction. Like most MMORPGs, the game starts with character creation. In this game, you have to select your preferred race and choose your desired class. There are 6 races to choose from including Human, Dwarf, Orc, Kamael, Dark Eld, and Elf. After choosing the race, you can select among Warrior, Rogue, and Mystic classes before finally deploying you to Talking Island to start your epic journey. In the entire course of this game, the player will be asked to accept a series of action-packed quests, interact with various NPCs, fight against an overwhelming number of monsters, and play along with other real-time online players.

Lineage 2: RevolutionLike most modern MMORPGs for mobile, Lineage 2: Revolution comes with an Auto-Play feature. There is Auto-Quest and Auto-Battle mode. Simply tap the quest on your quest log to automatically proceed to the next destination. When engaging in combat, you can either switch back to manual battle or turn the Auto-battle on to let the AI do the job. The game comes with highly impressive character designs that will vary depending on your chosen race and class. It is also accompanied by other equally-impressive features such as a diverse mount and pet system. The game also has a comprehensive class system with two tiers of development. You will change your class upon reaching certain levels in the game. It is also interesting to note that the game is done in an episode by episode basis. If you are looking for an excellent MMORPG with great visuals and a well-crafted story, this game is definitely a perfect fit.

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AxE: Alliance vs EmpireAxE: Alliance Vs Empire

From the developers behind games like Point Blank: Strike and MapleStory M comes another impressive MMORPG. AxE: Alliance Vs Empire takes you to an epic journey of a chosen hero who is about to fulfill his destiny to unite the two opposing factions and to bring their land back to its former glory. As what the title of the game suggests, AxE: Alliance Vs Empire is about two opposing factions; the Galanos Alliance and the Holy Darkhaan Empire. The game will allow you to pick your preferred side before finally deploying you to your epic mission. AxE: Alliance Vs Empire comes with many impressive features from remarkable graphics to well-polished gameplay. It is safe to say that this game is seemingly made to perfection.

Like most MMORPGs, the game starts with character creation. The class options will depend on your chosen faction. Galanos Alliance is composed of Archer, Titan, and Blademaster while the Darkhaan Empire is composed of Valkyrie, Warrior, and Mage. Interestingly, AxE also features a comprehensive job system with second and third-tier jobs respectively. After creating your character, the game prompts you to Echo Woods where your journey will start to take place. One of the most engaging highlights of AxE: Alliance Vs Empire is the impressive graphics. The game is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and treats you with console-level visuals. AxE offers full 3D graphics and motion physics for fast and dynamic real-time movements and super-fluid controls.

AxE: Alliance vs EmpireTo top it all, the game is also matched with impressive dubbing and voice-overs unlike those formulaic MMORPGs we have today. What makes AxE: Alliance Vs Empire a standout is the compelling storyline. The game comes with many cutscenes with a superb cinematic presentation. Each cutscene will unveil a story. Interestingly, the game allows you to choose your own path in which the missions and settings will change based on the decisions you make. AxE: Alliance Vs Empire will take you to a huge open world filled with diverse locations, characters, quests, missions, and loot, all filled with rich narrative and history.  In fact, the immersive 3D world of AxE will take you to 20 uniquely-designed areas. Each area takes you to an entirely different atmosphere.

AxE: Alliance vs EmpireLike most MMORPGs for mobile today, AxE: Alliance vs Empire comes with both Auto-Quest and Auto-Battle system. Simply tap the quest on your quest log and let the AI do the rest of the job. You can, however, switch it back to manual mode for a classic RPG game experience. Of course, the game will not be completed without its multiplayer elements.

You can engage yourself in epic dungeon exploration and fight against gigantic bosses through a party system. Invite other players and let them accompany you in your mission. The game also has massive PvP battles from a standard 4v4 match to a massive battle reaching up to 150 active players on the field. One thing you will surely appreciate in this game is your overall progression and how your character evolves from a simple fighter to a mighty hero.

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Legacy of DiscordLegacy of Discord

Legacy of Discord is an interesting addition to the ever-growing titles developed by GTArcade. They are also the same people behind epic Rangers of Oblivion, League of Angels, and Era of Celestials MMORPGs. This game takes you to Ancient Greek where you play the role of an Ancient God. Legacy of Discord follows a typical MMORPG formula by capturing all the exciting elements that we can always expect from a standard MMORPG. What sets this game apart, however, is the endless customization and impressive weapon improvement system. Above all, the game comes with remarkable graphics that you can confidently compare to those console and PC RPGs.

Like many MMORPGs, the game starts with a character and class selection. The game comes with three initial classes to choose from including the berserker, Bladedance, and Sorceress. Some classes can be accessed upon reaching certain levels. Each class will vary in terms of their default skills and given set of attributes. After creating your character, the game will deploy you immediately on your first mission. Interestingly, the Legacy of Discord is not different from most modern mobile MMORPGs today. It has Auto Quest and Auto-combat features that help you progress much faster. In the entire course of this game, the player will be asked to complete quests, clear stages by defeating enemies and field bosses and interact with various real-time online players worldwide.

Legacy of DiscordUnlike other MMORPGs, Legacy of Discord is not set in an open-world where you can roam anywhere you want. The game takes you to a fantasy realm that separates exploration into battle. To access the battlefield, your player must enter a portal that teleports them to the battle zone. Each battlezone comes with multiple stages that should be cleared sequentially. Each stage comes with boss that you must defeat to progress. Interestingly, the game also has multiple quest system. There are Main Quests that you must complete to progress in the game and there are Bounty Quests that allow you to earn extra rewards. You’ll also encounter various Side Quest that you can optionally take to win additional rewards which can be in forms of a new weapon, armor, experience, and gold.

The game will not be considered as MMORPG without its multiplayer elements. Interestingly, this game comes with both PvE and PvP campaigns. You can ally with other players in a cooperative battle as you raid dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. Players can also join guilds and be part of epic guild battles. You can also be part of other PvP campaigns from 1v1 arena to massive 5v5 multiplayer battle.

Legacy of DiscordIf there is one thing you will instantly appreciate in this game, it’s definitely the graphics. Legacy of Discord is an absolute visual delight. It treats you with stunning visuals that can remind you of those classic console RPGs like Diablo (but in a Fantasy realm). The character designs are equally-impressive as well with endless customization that allows you to give your avatar a unique identity. The game will not just take you to an eerie yet visually-striking environment but it also features a diverse number of different creatures and unique bosses. With such impressive quality, Legacy of Discord is definitely worth a download. Something you can confidently include on top of your mobile game list.

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Eternal Love MEternal Love M

Not to be confused with the recently launched Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (which is also a great MMORPG by the way). Eternal Love M is an oriental-inspired MMORPG created by ZlongGames, the same creator behind Langrisser and Laplace M.         We have seen a lot of oriental-inspired MMORPGs but Eternal Love M, somehow, managed to deliver an excellent quality providing gamers with breathtaking visuals, highly compelling story, and well-polished gameplay. Eternal Love M takes you to an epic journey of Immortal heroes which involves both romance and tragedy. You will engage yourself in a series of action-packed missions as you try to fulfill your destiny. If you love Oriental games and some kind of Ancient civilization environment, Eternal Love M is wonderfully made for you.

Like most MMORPGs, the game starts with a character selection. The game comes with six unique classes to choose from. These include Phecda, Zithon, Glacier, Phantom, Majesty, and Kitsune. Each gender-locked character comes with their unique personalities, backstory, skills, and given attributes (Survival, Proficiency, Team, Control, and Damage). After selecting your character, the game deploys you immediately to your first mission. Interestingly, like most modern RPG for mobile today, Eternal Love M comes with both Auto-Play and Auto-Combat features. Simply tap your quest on your quest log and your character will automatically proceed to perform the mission without the player interaction. The same thing goes when engaging in combat.

Eternal Love MEach character is endowed with multiple skills that they can learn and all of which are executed in such impressive quality. One of the most interesting features of this game is the transformation system. Here, you can transform yourself into various mythical creatures. Along with your transformation, you will also adopt the creature’s respective skills. As far as the story is concerned, Eternal Love M is merely based on the novel of the same name. It’s a classic Chinese fantasy novel that has been adapted in many media franchises including films and television series. Wonderfully, this game is considered to be the only officially-authorized recreation of the Eternal Love series. The game successfully captured the magical realm of the original immortal tale!

Eternal Love MThis well-crafted magical MMORPG will introduce you to all the iconic characters from the popular series including Bai Qian, Ye Hua, and nearly 100 other characters that have been carefully recreated, with personalities, apparel, items, and weapons that are all in the game. The game will also treat you with impressive cutscenes, unique mount system, and many other equally-fascinating features. There are over 50 classic scenes done in 3D that looks just like the real thing, bringing the plot into the game, and letting you further experience the charm of the original characters. Since this is an MMORPG, Eternal Love M is also packed with decent multiplayer campaigns (both PvE and PvP). You can ally with other real-time online players and let them accompany you in your mission. You will eventually be given with Team Quests that require your team to work together. Overall, this game will certainly provide you a one-of-a-kind RPG experience like no other.

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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon HunterTaichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter

Following the success of its predecessors, Snail Games’ popular Taichi Panda series has come a long way. One of the newest addition to the franchise is the highly-anticipated Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter. The game will take you back to the magical world of Avzar and it now features a vast of impressive changes in terms of graphics and gameplay. Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter remained faithful to their trademark graphics. Much like its predecessors, it is an absolute visual delight that treats you with impressive graphics that will make you appreciate every single detail of the game. Embark yourself in another epic adventure as you play the role of your chosen hero and fight your way through an overwhelming number of enemies. If you are looking for an epic MMORPG that delivers both excellent graphics and well-polished gameplay, you might consider Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter on top of your list.

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. Like most modern MMORPGs today, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter comes with Auto-Quest and Auto-Combat features that allow you to progress quickly. The game starts with a substantial character creation system . You must first select your preferred faction between the Panda Alliance and Lion Empire. After doing so, each faction comes with five unique classes to choose from. For Panda Alliance, you got Swordsman, Rune Mage, Healer, Scout, and Killer while Lion Empire offers the same class but with different titles such as Berserker, Ice Mage, Priest, Scout, and Assassin respectively. These are gender-lock characters but you can freely customize their appearance before finally deploying you to Avzar.

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon HunterTaichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter generally works like your typical MMORPG. You accept quests, kill enemies, and perform various tasks. Since it comes with Automated features, you just have to tap the active quests and let the Ai do the rest of the job. If you want more challenge, you can always switch back to manual mode. The game might capture all the classic MMORPG formula but still offers some unique elements that make this game absolutely worth exploring. Interestingly, this game put its mount and pet systems at its forefront. Here, you will encounter a huge diversity of different wonderful beastly creatures you can mount on. What makes it trickier is that you cannot easily obtain these creatures. You must learn to tame them in a unique monster hunt system.

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon HunterTransformation is also a substantial element that you will get to explore when playing Taichi Panda 3. You can acquire skills that allow you to transform into various creatures. Since this is an MMORPG, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter also offers decent PvE and PvP campaigns for players to explore. There’s an interactive party system that allows you to be accompanied by other players for specific missions. There is also a guild system that allows you to participate in massive PvP battles. Appearance-wise, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is seemingly a game made to perfection. It is more like a visual masterpiece that takes you to an immersive 3D open world with incredible graphics, impressive character designs, and dynamic sceneries to explore.

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