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RPG is definitely one of the most engaging genre of both video and mobile gaming. It often combines great story and action-filled combat system. There are so many Role playing games outthere but only few managed to get the right formula. RPGs like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Suikoden and Dragon Quest are just few of the most popular RPG ever created in history. I think if you got the right formula for everything, it is not impossible to grab the gamers attention and establish a huge fan based from it. Langrisser , on the other hand, is another classic RPG which rose to fame in early 90s and was expanded into 5 official installments.

Langrisser was first released for the Mega Drive console in 1991. It was adapted in various platforms such as Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The last installment, the Langrisser V was launched in Sega Saturn in 1998. Interestingly, game publisher ZlongGames recently released a mobile edition of this classic RPG. Now, new generation of gamers will get to taste the epic Langrisser experience right through their mobile.

LangrisserThe Gameplay

The best part about the Langrisser Mobile is how the game managed to capture the beauty of its predecessors. It features the same gameplay but in a more engaging graphics and presentation. The Langrisser mobile edition is said to be a direct sequel to Langrisser V which will bring us some of the engaging characters from the game. The mechanics of Langrisser is very simple and easily manageable. If you are an avid RPG player then you certainly know the drill.

Interestingly, the game follows a story of a guy named Matthew as he fulfill his fate. He will be accompanied by his friends Almeda and Grenier in his journey. He will also find more companions along the way especially when the Summon ability is unlocked (upon reaching level 5). Here, you can summon random heroes of different classes and rarities and they will join you in every battle. What makes Langrisser more distinctive above the rest are the different endings. From time to time, you will encounter situations where you must choose among the given options. Your fate will basically rely on your answers.

LangrisserTurn-Based Combat

It is very common for a Role Playing game to have a Turn Based combat system. This particular combat system is notably highlighted in games like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. In Langrisser, the combat follows the same system but delivered in a different approach. As soon as the battle begins, the game prompts you to a battlefield presented in top-down perspective. Each character has their own skill radius. Those grids marked with Blue are areas you can move and those marked with red are unreachable.

Areas with red lights and sword icon on top are areas where enemies are located and are reachable by your skills. There are two forms of attacks in the game; the normal attack and the skills. Normal Attacks covers bigger radius but low or moderate damages while skills are shorter in radius but inflicts greater damage. Other actions include Stand (no attack, just move), Shield and heal. Once the attack is launched, it takes you to a Semi-2D screen that features your army attacking the opponents. Take note that each character has their own army per battle.

LangrisserOther Noteworthy Features

The game also comes with Missions which allows you to earn rewards in return. Eventually, you can also unlock other features such as the ability to Summon. This feature allows you to summon new characters which are all taken from different Langrisser series. Notable characters like Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, Dieharte are all unlockable in this game. You will soon have access to features like Bonds, Training and also Guild System.


Langrisser is indeed a great game that brings back a classic RPG into a brand new and more engaging platform. The game managed to capture the magic and the action that brought by its predecessors. It is also interesting to see how the game managed to adapt all the iconic features of the original series and also provided a brand new approach into the game. Currently, the game is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download Langrisser for Free. Good luck!

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