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PublisherNintendo Co Ltd
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.7.0

download Animal Crossing Pocket CampThe highly acclaimed Animal Crossing video game by Nintendo is finally set to invade our mobile devices. Animal Crossing : Pocket Camp is the most recent addition to the Animal Crossing franchise. It is also the first game from the franchise to ever hit the mobile platform. Those who enjoyed the iconic console game can finally embrace it on their mobile phone through Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It captures everything we enjoy from the game and will certainly share the same amazing experience. If you’re ready for an epic adventure, feel free to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and see what else the game has to offer.

Much like the game’s predecessors, the main objective for Pocket Camp is to become the best camp manager. In order to do so, you have to customize and decorate your camp and make it more appealing. In addition to that, you must socialize with other players and as well as befriending animals you’ll meet along the way. This social simulation game takes you to an open end world with so many great features to explore. You can download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on your mobile now and let your epic journey begins.

download Animal Crossing Pocket CampThe Gameplay

Simple, fun and addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Pocket Camp. The game basically follows a story of a new camp manager who will be asked to run a campsite. The goal is to help your avatar manage the camp and explore its full potential. Interestingly, the game is not just about decorating. Considering that this is a social simulation game, Animal Crossing will also focus on socializing with both NPC and other online players. Interaction involves visiting other camp sites, befriending animals and inviting them to your own site. You can even host parties to make your campsite even more popular.

Controls are easily manageable. You can move the character around using the virtual joystick while you interact by simply tapping. Your character can also perform various activities like Fishing, picking items and crafting furniture. You can visit one camp after another and interact with different campsite managers. Basically, the core objective is to socialize and to make your connection grows. You must establish good friendships by helping your animal friends and granting their favors.

download Animal Crossing Pocket CampBe the Best Campsite Manager of them all!

One thing that you should understand when you download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is your main purpose. Be the best campsite manager and this is not going to be easy. You cannot achieve a great campsite in one day as it takes a lot of efforts. One thing you will enjoy when you download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the real time events. The system matches with your clock and calendar to simulate real passage of time. Therefore, if it’s night, the atmosphere of the game will change according to the real time. It also matches with seasons and special holidays.

In order to make your campsite more appealing, you must craft items and make furniture. The more items you put in your camp, the more inviting it becomes. The tricky part however is the crafting process itself.  In order to build an item, you must gather enough resources which you can collect in many ways. Items can either be picked from random locations in the village or obtain them from rewards. Players can earn rewards by completing quests or granting your friends’ favors. After collecting all the materials, you can go to the Shop menu and select the item you want to craft. You’ll give Cyrus a call to build the item for you which will take certain amount of time. Players can expedite the process by paying Leaf Tickets (the game’s premium currency).

download Animal Crossing Pocket CampStrengthen your Friendship

The best part you’ll experience when you download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the social interaction. The village contains different locations and campsites which you can freely explore from the world map. In each location, you will encounter anthropomorphic animals and real time online players. You can chat with them and add them on your friend list. The animal villagers will often ask favors which require you to collect items. In exchange, they will reward you with various resources. To top it all, it also allows you to strengthen your friendship.

The friendship meter will rank up every time you complete a quest or if you did something that pleases them. Chatting with them plays an important role in establishing your connection with them. The more connection you have, the more advantage you can get. You can host parties and invite them to come over.

download Animal Crossing Pocket CampCustomize your Campsite and Your Camper

The seemingly endless customization is one of the greatest elements of Animal Crossing. You can customize your avatar and buy them costumes to make them more appealing. Players can customize and decorate their camp site to whatever style they want. In fact, you can decorate the camp site based on your style whether you like it to be Sporty, Cutie and more. You can move items around and place them to whatever location you want them to be. Generally, it is your camp site and you are free to do anything that pleases you.

Same thing goes with your camper. You can access the camper van when visiting other campsites. Here, you can arrange the furniture and other amenities inside the vehicle. You can buy new items to make it more appealing too. Eventually, you can also establish amenities in other camp sites. Players can also take part of the game’s special events.


Generally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is great casual game with tons of possibilities and features to explore. It is not really surprising why the predecessors were highly praised for their simple yet unique concept. The graphics are also attractive and absolutely child-friendly. The gameplay is remarkably smooth as long as there is a strong internet connection. The constant updates however is quite a downside as you need to download files almost every time you access the game. Nevertheless, it was a great experience like no other!

download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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