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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size14 MB
Latest Version1.4.3

Simple, fun, and entertaining! This is how you can perfectly describe Block Puzzle by Block Puzzle Jewel Games. As we all know, block puzzles are notable for their overall simplicity. These are games designed not to provide any hardcore gaming experience but a perfect pastime entertainment. The game comes with a very simple objective and that is to get the highest score as possible by clearing as many blocks as you can. It follows the same format where the player is prompted to en empty grid. Using the jewel bricks, simply drag and align them on the board and form straight lines (vertically or horizontally). Do the same process until there are no spaces left. If you think you can master this game, feel free to explore Block Puzzle by Block Puzzle Jewel Games and see what else this game has to offer.

Block Puzzle The Gameplay

The mechanics for Block Puzzle by Block Puzzle Jewel Games are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have played any block puzzle games before, then you should know the drill. Before the game starts, Block Puzzle will ask you to pick your preferred mode. You can pick between the Classic Mode or the Level Campaign. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to their standard 10×10 grid. Underneath the board is the batch of Jewel bricks that you must drag on the board. You can only get three jewel bricks at a time and the only way to get a new batch is to consume the previous batch.

Like most block puzzle games, the jewel bricks are merely inspired by the classic Tetris. There are the straight pieces, the Z and T pieces, and the square pieces. They all come in different sizes and shapes. Since the size of the board is relatively bigger than the typical block puzzle (which is mostly 8×8), players have greater chances of winning better scores. Just be mindful that you must skillfully drag and place the jewel bricks on the board. If you run out of space or room for the pieces to fit in, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Block Puzzle Colorful Level Campaigns

If in case you are tired of dealing with the same block puzzle, this game will surely give you another great reason to enjoy this puzzle. The Level Campaign works the same way with the classic puzzle but it comes with a vast of interesting twists. In Level Campaign, as what the term suggests, is a mode that takes you to a series of challenging levels. The goal is to reach a certain score. However, this is not going to be easy as it will also feature certain obstacles that you need to eliminate in the process. These include Ice Bombs that will explode after a certain number of turns and it can freeze 3×3 Blocks.

Interestingly, the game also features powerups that you can take advantage with. These include the ability to Rotate bricks. Brick rotation is quite uncommon for Block puzzle games and it’s nice to see that this puzzle will finally allow you so. Aside from Rotation, players can also take advantage of Bombs which allows them to destroy 3×3 Blocks on the board. There is also a powerup known as Magic Jewel which replaces all the jewel bricks with single block jewels. All powerups are consumables and they come in limited numbers so better use them wisely.

Block Puzzle Explore Classic Campaign

Level campaigns may take you to an all-new experience but nothing beats the classic indeed. The formula for the classic block puzzle game never loses its magic. It is still simple yet surprisingly addictive. In the Classic Campaign, your goal is to get the highest score as you possibly can. There are no powerups, rotations or any special tiles to deal with. If you run out of space for the pieces to fit it, the game will just come on a quick end and you just have to start back from the very beginning.

Interestingly, this game will also treat you with a visually stunning interface. It comes with beautifully designed jewel bricks. The game is also accompanied by well-fitting music and audio effects which makes this game even more enjoyable. To top it all, the game comes with a leaderboard system that allows you to play with other players around the world.

Block Puzzle The Verdict

Block Puzzle by Block Puzzle Jewel Games is generally a simple yet fun and entertaining game. It captures both classic block puzzle game while giving us an entirely new experience with its Level Campaign. Appearance-wise, the game is adorned with a visually stunning interface and is complimented with great music. Above all, this game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection and it is also light enough that it won’t consume much of your phone storage. If you are looking for an excellent pastime entertainment, this game fits well! Have fun!

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