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PlatformsAndroid 4.3 and up
Size975.6 MB
Latest Version1.0

The highly anticipated idle adventure game is finally here! After the long wait, Ulala: Idle Adventure was finally made available for both Android and iOS devices. The first time I saw this game was through advertisement and even though they are not yet available, users are encouraged to Pre-Register to receive updates regarding its official launch. Is it really worth the wait? Ulala: Idle Adventure, as what the title suggests is a form of an incremental game that features some RPG elements on it. The game takes you to a prehistoric era where you take control of your hero and engage in an endless fighting adventure. Your goal is to transform your character into an ultimate hero and defeat all mobs and monsters you encounter along the way. If you are up for a challenge, feel free to explore Ulala: Idle Adventure and see what else the game has to offer.

Ulala Idle AdventureThe Gameplay

Knowing that this is just an idle game, the mechanics for Ulala: Idle Adventure is generally simple and easily manageable. However, this game has so many other features to offer more than just your typical idle game experience which makes this game extremely unique. Generally, here’s how the game works. As soon as the game starts, the game will ask you to select your preferred hero. There are eight different classes to choose from including Hunter, Assassin, Shaman, Warlock, Druid, Mage, Gladiator, and Warrior. Each class will vary in terms of their basic given attributes (Attack rate, Survival, and Support).

The game will immediately prompt you to the battlefield. All combats are automated and your character is generally accompanied by three other characters which could either be system-generated AI or three other online players. The team will progress automatically and will face one group of mobs after another. Located below the game screen are different tabs with different functions. The first icon from the left takes you to the World Map which gives you more access to other features of Ulala: Idle Adventure while the Character icon prompts you to your character page which allows you to upgrade your hero, equip him items and upgrade his attributes.

The totem icon takes you to the automatic combat while Pet icon prompts you to your pet upgrade page. This allows you to train pets and use them for your own advantage in the battle. Like most Idle game, Ulala: Idle Adventure will run endlessly and what you will appreciate the most is your overall progress.

Ulala Idle AdventureChoose Your Hero and Build Your Ultimate Team

What makes this game more special is the multiplayer element. There are two main campaigns to explore, the Adventure mode which allows you to set your character on a journey along with three other AI companions. By the time you have reached Level 4, you can get access to Teams. Here, you can join any existing teams on the server or better yet build your own. Once you became part of a team, you will be accompanied by other three online players. You can either go Online or on AFK mode. The advantage of playing online is that you can track your progress and you can manually tap the “Challenge” button to hunt for the Boss. Be mindful that you can only progress to the next stage after you defeated the Boss, thus online mode makes you progress faster.

The AFK mode, on the other hand, allows you to progress even you are not online or if you are not actively playing the game. Every time you defeat a monster or a wild animal, they will drop random items including Shells (which are one of the game’s basic currencies) and other gears and weapons you can equip. In Ulala: Idle Adventure, the most effective way to make your character more efficient is to gear them up with the strongest weapon and armor. Simply tap the character icon to access its profile. You can equip the character with armors, accessories, and weapons. If you acquired a more powerful item, you can always swap it to your current weapon. You can also Enhance the weapons to make them more efficient.

Ulala Idle AdventureNot Your Typical Idle Game

With so many features to explore, Ulala: Idle Adventure is definitely not your typical Idle game. When you have reached a certain level and cleared a certain stage, you will get access to other valuable features such as Skills and Attributes. You can devour other skill cards to upgrade your current skills. Attributes, on the other hand, allows you to distribute Energy points to any of the three major attributes of your character. There is also a so-called “Transcend” which allows you to upgrade your class while Quick Battle will expedite your team’s progress for a short period of time.

The pet system is also a unique feature of Ulala: Idle Adventure. You can capture a pet by visiting your Camp. You cook foods in the Cook section and add them to your Trap in the Capture section. After you captured eggs, you hatch them and train them to make them more efficient. If you do not like the pet, you can always release them but if you want them to stary, you can train and dispatch them so they can accompany you in your mission. The game also features a Black Market where you can buy various rare and legendary items. You can also Smelt your excess items from your storage and turn them to gear shards which you can later use for crafting (a feature you can unlock upon reaching Level 29). Arena and Magic Realm are other PvP campaigns you can explore upon reaching certain levels.

Ulala Idle AdventureThe Verdict

Definitely worth the wait! The game will surely not disappoint you and it is more than just your typical idle game. It comes with so many features to offer and so many areas you can freely explore. Ulala: Idle Adventure is also an absolute visual delight. It comes with impressive graphics, remarkable character designs and well-fitting music and audio effects that make this game more enjoyable. To top it all, the game doesn’t feature too many ads (in fact, I have not encountered any ads at all) but it comes with many microtransactions which give you more privileges. Take note that this game requires a stable Internet connection in order to experience the Idle Adventure in full extent. Currently, Ulala: Idle Adventure is now available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game for free. Have fun!

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