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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size182.8 MB
Latest Version1.6

From simple and plain-looking games, it seems like Voodoo is taking their games to another level. Touch The Wall is one of the publisher’s newest offerings which takes you to an engaging racing adventure. The main objective in this game is simple, make your way to the finish line while preventing yourself from being caught by the red light. In addition to that, since this is a multiplayer racing game, it is your main objective to outrace your opponent and try to be the first player to reach the finish line. If you think you got the skills, feel free to explore Touch The Wall and see how far you can go.

Touch The WallThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Touch The Wall are generally simple and easily manageable yet much like any other racing game, the players are strongly encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and show off their impressive eye and hand coordination to maximize their chances in winning. Interestingly, this game somehow reminds me of Good Job Game’s Fun Race 3D. Both games follow the same concept in which multiple players will run across a given path filled with an overwhelming number of obstacles and moving mechanisms that they must avoid at all cost.

Interestingly, what makes Touch The Wall unique is the red light that will appear and scan through the courses to detect any moving players. Here’s how it works. As soon as the game starts, the system will find any available players to enter the game. There will be a maximum of five players for each challenge. The main goal is to reach the finish line or make it at least up to the third slot to qualify you for the next stage. Simply tap and hold the screen to accelerate and release the hold to stop. If it’s a green light, players are safe to move but if it turns red, players are encouraged to stop and pause for a bit.

Touch The WallAvoid The Red Light

The game comes with a very straightforward rule, reach the finish line and avoid the red line. Not to mention the obstacles that you must also avoid at all cost. Here’s the tricky part, if a player gets hit by an obstacle, it will push the player back to the last checkpoint. The game comes with two or more checkpoints so instead of going back from the starting point, players are prompted back to the last saving point. Red light, on the other hand, makes the challenge even trickier. As soon as the red light appears, it will scan the whole course to detect any moving players.

If a player was caught moving, an image of an eye will show up on top of its avatar. This will take you back to the last checkpoint. Take note that the system will detect any small movements so make sure to keep still to outrace your opponent effectively. The red light will appear in two forms, the first one is a wide ray of light which covers the entire course and the second one is a narrow light that will focus on certain players. It is very important to note that only the first three players who managed to reach the finish line can advance on the next stage. Failing to be part of the top 3 will force you to replay the game back from the very beginning.

Touch The WallUnlock New Skins

Touch The Wall is probably one of the most colorful games from Voodoo. The stage is changing dynamically for every attempt but what really makes it more engaging are the colorful 3D avatars. There is an overwhelming number of characters that you can unlock using gold coins. The tricky part is that coins are not generously given in this game. To earn coins, you must complete all the stages until you have reached the bonus coin round (often the fourth stage). In this stage, the path will be filled with coins and the amount you earn depends on the multiplier you get.

You can also acquire more coins through daily login bonuses or through Wheel of Chance. To top it all, you can double or triple your reward by watching reward videos. Skins can also be obtained through the aforementioned features. Currently, there are 16 different characters to unlock. The first purchase is worth 700 coins but the amount will exponentially increase as you progress which gives you more reason to keep playing this game. The major downside, however, is the overwhelming number of ads that keep on popping up after every level. If only the developers can lessen the frequency, the game could have been more enjoyable.

Touch The WallThe Verdict

Simple, fun yet undeniably addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Touch The Wall. It’s a colorful racing game that comes with engaging visuals but much like any other Voodoo games, Touch The Wall lacks well-fitting music and audio effects which could have made the game more engaging. The frequent ads was a major downfall of Touch The Wall and I just hope the developers can do something to lessen the adverts or at least place the ads in more clever and less-annoying spaces. Other than that, this game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection (the system will pick AI opponents when offline). Currently, Touch The Wall is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this colorful racing game for free.

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