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Do you and/or your friends have what it takes to be the last man standing, to win the Survivor Royale? Try taking on 100 other players either solo, duo or even in a squad!


Okay, if you’re tiny bit into gaming at all, even just reading about it, you have got to know about battle royale games right? One of currently most popular type of games out there. At least you’ve heard for Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG further in the text). Well, Survivor Royale doesn’t differ much from the second title I mentioned, but In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, I’ll clarify the subgenre. Long story short, it’s the last man standing. You start within a big group of players (usually around hundred), and fight your way through to remain the only one. You are deployed above a certain area, map, island, and then parachute your way down, scavenge for supplies, equipment, ammo and weapons. Last, but not least, try to eliminate or to outlive other survivors.

On a huge map like this and other games of this genre have, this would be dull and last for ages if it wasn’t for the toxic gas (or some other substance/force) that is constantly closing in on the players, towards the middle of the map. That makes them maneuver around in a smaller area, and that makes you an easier target. That way a match can’t last longer than 30 to 40 minutes, if you happen to remain in the last 10 players. I don’t want to brag, but this has been my first battle royale match ever, and I finished second. This is why this subgenre, usually attached to FPS and TPS games, is so popular! With a little bit of luck and survival instinct, a total beginner could achieve an impressive score.

Survivor Royale


The basics. You jump off a plane and deploy your parachute when you decide it’s a good moment. A little too late can make you an easy target for those who already landed and grabbed some weapons. Where will you land, matters the most. If you happen to land in a desolated and open area, you’re like a sitting duck. Also, closest supplies you can find could be pretty far away. If you land near some buildings, however, you might have some company right from the start. But, there are plenty of objects to take cover behind. As soon as you are sure there is no one around, start scavenging your surroundings for supplies. In the early game, collect whatever you can. Pistols, armor, first aid kits, bandages, and of course, rifles and ammo. If you’re lucky you can stumble up on some hand grenades or launchers.

During the game you have to watch out for other players, listen to everything around you (headphones highly recommended) and observe the map. Look how and in which pattern the toxic gas is closing around you, and head for the safe areas. If it seems like a long walk, you can always search for a vehicle. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need fuel to drive those. And they can create a lot of noise, which could attract other players. Spectating these games may make them seem boring, but believe me, for those 30 minutes, and my five kills, there was like three minutes of action. The rest was survival and it was pretty tense. Ten times the action. Every bullet and bandage, backpack slot, everything counts. And before each move, you think twice. Because when you’re dead, it’s game over for you. The stakes are enormously high.

Survivor Royale


Just as I was saying, unlike other shooters, during the match of a battle royale game, the stakes are a lot higher. Usually in other FPS/TPS games, if you die, you’ll respawn instantly or just wait a few minutes for the match to end. But if you die in these, the match ends for you, and you have to compete with a whole new group of players. So, ending up in the first ten players feels so rewarding. That’s why controls need to be neat and precise. These weren’t for the whole match, but that’s quite expected, due to high system requirements. This game is huge and it’s pretty demanding for the hardware. So aiming and using buttons don’t always seem fully responsive and smooth. It may cost you your life, but hey, life is unfair, so is this game. The whole subgenre, while we’re at it.

Since you almost always have to use both of your fingers to move your character, I would highly recommend the usage of a gamepad. If you can’t afford one, try to adjust your fingers to suit you best during the match and to take the least screen space possible. You’ll use your left hand to control the character, and your right to control your camera. Aim, or simply view your surroundings. There is a shoot button on the both sides, so it’s up to you which one will you use and in which situations. The most annoying thing that could happen is: if your finger, while sprinting slides too far and you start shooting. That’s why the developers implemented the auto sprint option. If you hold your finger in one direction long enough, auto run will trigger.

Survivor Royale


For a long time, I thought that these games will go in one of two possible ways when it comes to visual style. Either they look comic and cartoon like, enter Fortnite. Or they’ll try to look as photorealistic as possible, enter PUBG. But, this battle royale title could be put somewhere in between. The environment looks pretty cinematic, but characters and animations, as the effects feel like they’ve escaped a 2000’s cartoon. It’s no wonder that many players complain about this, because the combination of the two makes you feel uneasy from times to times. Okay, I am aware that this is a mobile game, and making everything appear in high quality would burn most of the devices it runs on, so I am willing to turn a blind eye on this one. After all it does look great for a game with such huge maps.

The sound. Oh, the sound. The sound is crucial to these games. Music not so much. So, decent music in the main menu will do. But the effects. They are the main agents in creating that suspense and tension I was talking about earlier. Sound effects in this game do not let down in their quality, but in their quantity, which is rarely the case. Everything sounds good, but there are insufficient effects in the game and they aren’t loud enough, even on the highest volume setting. Not everything that should produce sound when it comes in touch with the players makes one. That way you can’t actually hear someone sneaking from behind, and you can’t determine the direction of the shooting. Good thing it shows up on the mini-map. In other games it would be a minor problem, but in this one, it’s a game-changer.

Survivor Royale


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