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What will you do if someone suddenly inherits you a mansion? In Matchington Mansion, you’ll meet a lucky girl who apparently inherited a mansion from an old lady named Jane. The old jane was an author and Tiffany was her biggest fan. Before she passed away, she made sure on her last will that Tiffany will inherit her mansion. Unfortunately, the mansion was not really in good shape. It was a total mess and Tiffany should exert the best of her efforts to restore the mansion and bring it back to its former glory. Luckily, Tiffany is an expert interior designer and now, you must help her restore the Matchington Mansion’s beauty.

Matchington MansionThe Gameplay

It is interesting to note that the concept of Matchington Mansion is not completely original. The game is merely inspired by well-acclaimed casual games of Playrix such as Homescapes. In fact, the game shares a lot of similarities except for the characters and a minor difference in the main storyline. Despite the similarities, both games are undeniable addictive and absolutely worth playing. The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. Much like other games that fall into the same category, Matchington Mansion will take you to two different phases, the customization, and the tile-matching puzzle.

The customization phase will feature the Matchington Mansion and allows you to customize or give the building the makeover it deserves. The restoration, however, is not done randomly. You have to follow the quest and complete them in sequential order. Simply tap the To-Do list to check the current quest. Each quest requires a certain amount of Stars which you earn by completing a puzzle. This will take you to the second phase, the tile-matching puzzle.

Matchington MansionColorful Match 3 Puzzle

The other phase of Matchington Mansion aside from the customization is the tile-matching puzzle. The game will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying objectives and varying range of difficulty. Some levels will ask you to eliminate a certain amount of colored tiles while other levels will ask you to eliminate books or clear out bubbles. If you have played games like Homescapes or Gardnescapes, Matchington Mansion basically works the same way.

Regardless of the objectives, all levels share something in common, they all require you to match and clear tiles. You should match three or more identical tiles on the grid to remove them. Matching more than four identical tiles allows you to activate powerups which can help you achieve your goals faster. Some powerups allow you to eliminate an entire row or an entire color of the grid. Other powerups allow you to destroy a block of adjacent tiles while others can remove all tiles of the same color in just one click.

Matchington MansionUnlock More Areas and Appreciate the Progress

Just like Homescape where Austin the butler managed to explore other areas of his old mansion, Tiffany will do the same with Matchington Mansion. Once an area is all cleared, another area will open up. The more area you explore, the more exciting the game will become. You basically start off with the lobby and eventually, you’ll explore areas like bedrooms, gardens and many more. Special stories will be encountered as well which adds excitement in the game.

One thing you will certainly appreciate in Matchington Mansion is the progress itself. You will enjoy seeing the mansion as it slowly transforms from ruins to an elegant and classy place to live. You have to prove that Jane made the right decision to inheriting you her mansion. Just be mindful that the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress.

Matchington MansionThe Verdict

Matchington Mansion is impressive in many ways. It captures all the elements we loved and enjoyed from Playrix’s Homescapes and Gardenscapes while successfully adding their own creative approach on it. The graphics are simply amazing and the story is equally fascinating. If you are looking for a tile matching game with stellar graphics and well-polished gameplay, Matchington Mansion is absolutely a perfect fit. Matchington Mansion is currently available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game on your mobile for free. Cheers!

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