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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.8.3.161

If you enjoyed Outfit7 Limited’s Talking Tom and Talking Angela, then you will surely find this game equally fascinating. Just in case you are not a cat person, you might want to explore My Talking Hank, a virtual pet game that features an adorable and adventurous dog! Much like Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank follows the same concept. The goal is to take care of your virtual pet Hank and provide everything he needs to make him happy and satisfied. To top it all, what makes this game more distinctive above the rest, Hank is more engaged with his wild adventure and his mission to capture various animals with his trusty camera.

My Talking HankThe Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple and knowing that this game along with other Outfit7 Limited games is merely catered for kids, My Talking Hank features child-friendly controls. Almost everything in the game is tap-based. As soon as the game begins, it welcomes you with a brief cinematic introduction. Hank is seemingly characterized as an adventurous dog and is currently enjoying his time on a tropical island. Being a virtual pet game, there are four main things you have to pay attention with; the happiness, the hunger, the cleanliness, and the sleepiness.

Each of Hank’s necessity is represented by an icon located on the lowermost portion of the game screen. Along with the icons are the status meters you must always keep your eye on. The status meter will deplete from time to time and you should know which activity must be prioritized. When the Happy meter is low, simply tap the Happy meter tab and start rubbing Hank or better yet buy him toys to play with.

My Talking HankKeep Hank Happy

Generally, the main goal in My Talking Hank is to keep Hank happy and satisfied so he can grow healthy. The best way to keep him happy is to attend all his needs and to keep all his meters 100% full. Aside from keeping him Happy with the Happy Meter, you also have to pay attention to other needs. If the Hungry meter gets Red, you need to feed Hank. This will prompt you to a table with plates filled with various food. Tap and drag the food to Hank’s mouth to feed him. Sometimes, Hank can be very picky and he might refuse some food. If you run out of food, you can always hit the market to shop for more.

When the Cleanliness mete drops down, it means that Hank needs to take a bath. Tapping the Clean button prompts you to a comfort room (tropical style) where Hank will either pee or poo. You can also keep him clean by giving him a nice bath. If the sleep meter drops down, it means that Hank needs to take a rest. Tap the sleep button and it prompts you to Hank’s hammock. Simply tap the sun to replace it with the moon. This might take some time so while waiting for Hank to wake up, you can spend time playing some Mini Games.

My Talking HankPhotography and Mini Games

One unique thing about Hank is his passion for photography. Hank is fascinated with wild animals and loves taking photos of them. In order to access this part, simply tap the island logo on the lower right corner of the main screen. This prompts you immediately to the island. You cannot capture animals easily and in order to lure them, you must purchase various items and place them randomly in predefined areas. Each item attracts a certain type of animals. For example, a beach ball can easily attract rabbits while a pool often attracts flamingos. Once the item attracted an animal, you can proceed and grab a photo of them. You can adjust the angle, zoom the camera and hit the shutter. The picture will then be saved on your photo album.

Aside from taking photos and keeping Hank happy, you can also play mini-games. Tap the game controller icon to access the mini-game page. Interestingly, My Talking Hank features an overwhelming amount of mini-games to try on. There’s the “Clean the Ocean” game, Monkey Catch, Splashy, Bubble Up, Fruit Boom, Fishtastic and many more. Some can also be downloaded. It is also interesting to note that the more activities you do, the more experiences you earn. If Hank earned enough, you’ll gain a new level and Hank size will eventually grow bigger.

My Talking HankThe Verdict

Much like other games from Outfit7, My Talking Hank is generally simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive. There are many areas waiting to be explored and you will surely appreciate the progress especially when you see Hank grow from an adorable puppy to a cute adult dog. You can also customize his appearance and of course, you can also record your voice using this app. Currently, this virtual pet game is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can download My Talking Hank for free. Have fun!

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