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Latest Version4.3.1

Nostalgic! There is nothing more that best describes this game other than being nostalgic! Brick Game by HappyDream features the classic handheld brick game that we all used to love. Those who grew up in the 90s or early 2000s will surely find this game absolutely nostalgic. Brick Game is more like an emulated version of the classic handheld game of the same name. The main objective is to get the highest score possible by forming full straight lines on the board. If you have experienced playing the classic Brick game or better yet the older Tetris, then you should know how exactly this game works. If you are up for nostalgic gameplay, feel free to explore Brick Game and see how far can you go.

Brick GameThe Gameplay

Those who have mastered the classic handheld brick game will agree that this game requires no further explanation. This Brick game by HappyDream wonderfully captures the classic game of the same name. Take note that the game did not just adopt the gameplay but emulated even its retro appearance. Generally, the mechanics for Brick Game are simple and easily manageable yet much like a classic brick game, it gradually becomes trickier and challenging. As mentioned above, the main objective is nothing more but to get the highest score possible. You do so by creating as many full straight lines as you can on the board.

As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the playing area. The interface of the game will capture the classic handheld device that we used to play. Similar to the handheld game screen, this one prompts you to a classic 10×20 grid screen. This is the same size of the board used in Tetris as well. As the game starts, the puzzle pieces which are better known as Tetrominoes will start to fall down the playing field one after another. You can manipulate the puzzle pieces by rotating them and by moving them on either side of the screen.

Brick GameNostalgic Brick Game

Interestingly, the only thing that makes this game extremely special is the nostalgic experience that it offers. The fact that the game did not change anything as far as the gameplay and appearance are concerned, make this game absolutely worth exploring. The interface of the game is intentionally made to resemble the classic handheld device. In fact, there is also an option where you can pick any of the 12 available themes. Just tap the Setting button and select your favorite theme. You can also activate Vibration and Auto Increment Speed to make your experience more realistic and nostalgic.

The main interface features a small panel on top that highlights the monochromatic game screen similar to the handheld device. Similar to the classic brick game, the screen is divided into two panels, the playing area on the left and the game details on the right. The right panel will feature details like the current score, the next puzzle piece, the current level, and the current speed. Located below the main screen are the interactive buttons. There are the direction buttons, the Rotate/Start button, and the Settings button. To top it all, this game is matched with the same retro sound to make your gaming experience more realistic and fun.

Brick GameNothing Beats the Classic

It’s true! Nothing beats the classic indeed. The main intention of this game is nothing more but to let the younger generation of gamers to experience the classic Brick Game the way people enjoyed it. Of course, it is also intended to let older gamers to revisit the game that they used to love. Similar to the classic brick game, the rate of difficulty in this game is gradually increasing as you progress. The more lines you eliminated, the higher the level you will reach. When the level gets elevated, the speed also drastically increases.

It means that the drop speed for the puzzle pieces will greatly increase which makes the game even more challenging. Be mindful that when the pile of tiles reaches the uppermost part of the board, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. The only thing that is missing in this game is the rest of the brick game variants including the classic and well-loved racing game, snake game, vertical fixed shooter and many others. It could have made the game even more nostalgic indeed.

Brick GameThe Verdict

If you want to experience the classic handheld brick game, then you should definitely give HappyDream’s Brick Game a shot. They did not do anything to ruin the classic handheld game and captures everything we love as wonderful as they are. Appearance-wise, this game will treat you with a classic brick game interface including the iconic monochromatic screen and interactive buttons. The game is even accompanied with well-fitting retro music to set the theme correctly. To top it all, the game works well even without an Internet connection and the ads were cleverly inputted as well. Currently, the game is only available for Android devices and you can download this nostalgic puzzle absolutely for free. Have fun!

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