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PublisherPixel Federation
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size66 MB
Latest Version1.3.162

Sometimes, there is nothing more exciting than an archaeological dig. Diggy’s Adventure has the player traverse through ancient lands to dig up treasures and explore pathways that test the mind. As you go through the treacherous hazards of the game, you search for hidden treasures, fulfill godly quests and reveal the greatest mysteries of the past.

By digging through the mines you will acquire various items. They can be used for replenishing their energy or crafting new items in his camp. You can also embellish your camps with beautiful decorations, items and other content. New items or cooked ingredients could be crafted to help you dig and becoming the greatest adventurer in the world.

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Rewards and experience points that improve rate of energy regeneration or maximum energy capacity by digging through the mines and fulfilling in-game quests assigned by Gods and other characters. You are also able to enjoy special events and offers provided by Diggy’s Adventure itself, set camps into vivid themes or send gifts to other player. Oh yeah, it is worth noting that you will always have to connect to the Internet to play Diggy’s Adventure. While not necessarily an ideal move on the developer’s part, the game does carry a lot of influence from an online network.

There is always something new to enjoy here. Thousands of puzzles and riddles are ripe for exploration purposes. Hundreds of labyrinths could also be escaped from, and hundreds more characters could be interacted with. That said, there are some flaws that come with the online emphasis. An always online game means the game has to constantly check for content on a server.

Without a server to connect to, the game won’t be playable. Should we advance so far in the future for these servers to be kaput, that means the game would entirely be unavailable. Heck, even those with poor Internet connections won’t be able to experience the game at its best. So if you fit the bill, that means you won’t get to play Diggy’s Adventure.

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But let’s say you do have a strong Internet connection and plan to play this game for as long as it lasts. Would Diggy’s Adventure be anything worth your while in that regard? Well…yeah. Diggy’s Adventure is still a rather stellar video game, all things considered. It has a lot of variety and a good sense of adventure when you get right down to it.

The puzzles are rather tricky to solve. The sheer quantity of content available is also quite a staggering amount in the positive sense. I recommend it if you are up to par with its own standards. Just don’t expect to be able to play it on a plane that lacks any Wi-Fi support and the like. The game is best played at places like a house or cafe. Should you have those conditions covered, though, you’ll be in for a decent time under the virtual grounds.

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Download Diggy’s Adventure APK for Android/iOS

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