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From the Studio that brought us the critically-acclaimed Mystery Case Files and tons of hidden object games comes an interesting tile-matching adventure. Gummy Drop takes you to a colorful tile-matching game that will surely put your skills on a great test. In this game, you will meet Sam and she will take you to an epic adventure around the world. Gummy Drop is a match 3 tile-matching puzzle that takes you to a series of colorful levels. The main objective is to clear all levels by matching three or more tiles of the same color until you have reached your target. If you are up for an engaging travel adventure, feel free to join Sam and explore these colorful puzzles and see what else Gummy Drop has to offer.

Gummy DropThe Gameplay

Interestingly, Gummy Drop is not really different from your typical tile-matching puzzles. It captures every element that we enjoyed from a standard match-3 tile-matching puzzle. As what mentioned above, the main objective is to help Sam explore the world as she travels from one country to another. Each country takes you to an overwhelming number of levels and each level comes with different objectives. Some levels will ask you to reach a certain score while others will ask you to collect or clear a certain number of specific tiles. Despite the differences, the gameplay that is applied for all levels is very much the same.

As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the virtual globe. The journey begins in Sydney. Once you enter the first level, it will prompt you to the puzzle grid which is filled with colorful gummies, hence the title. To start, simply swipe the gummies and match three or more gummies of the same color. Unlike most tile-matching games, Gummy Drop will somehow focus more on reaching the target score rather than clearing a certain number of tiles. Although some levels, especially the later ones, will give you two or more objectives per level and you must complete them all to progress.

Gummy DropColorful Boosters and Powerups

A tile-matching game will not be completed without the powerups and Gummy Drop will not disappoint you in this part. The game features a bunch of colorful boosters that can help you maximize your winnings. Be mindful that you are only given with a limited number of moves per levels. If you run out of moves and yet the objective is still not reached, the game will come to a quick end. You have an option to get an additional five moves by paying coins (virtual currency) or if not, you have to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through.

Powerups are obtained by matching four or more gummies of the same color. If you matched four identical tiles, you’ll create a new powerup that allows you to eliminate either an entire row or an entire column. Matching five or more tiles (T-Shape or L-Shape) will create a bomb that allows you to destroy all nearby gummies. If you matched five straight identical tiles, it creates another powerup that can eliminate all tiles of the same color from the grid. Players can also take advantage of the consumable boosters that they can buy during the game. Located below the game screen are different boosters that you can buy using coins. Each has its own special purpose so make sure to use them wisely.

Gummy DropExplore The World

The best part about Gummy Drop is that you can virtually explore the world. This game will take from one famous city to another. You start the journey in Sydney, Australia. Interestingly, the game will not just mention the city but it will really give you a virtual tour. The game will provide you all factual references and will give you trivia about the famous landmarks and culture of each country. To top it all, each stage is designed to reflect the country that the game is representing. You are also encouraged to collect tools to unlock various landmarks.

Some of the countries and cities featured in this game include Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris, London, Berlin, New Orleans, Athens, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Cannes, Vancouver, Macau and many more. Normally, you can unlock a new city if you managed to complete the previous stage. However, if you want to skip and unlock a new city immediately, you can pay Ticket Vouchers. These vouchers are earned every time you built a monument or a landmark. Once you have enough vouchers to travel, use the World Map or your passport to travel to any city you like.

Gummy DropThe Verdict

Gummy Drop is truly an addictive tile-matching puzzle. Although the gameplay is similar to a standard match 3 puzzle, it seems like the formula for this kind of game never fades. What really makes Gummy Drop so special is the fact that you can virtually explore the world and the game becomes surprisingly educational at the same time. With so many great cities to explore, Gummy Drop features a commendable longevity. Since you can also go back to previous levels to gather more money or tools, this game also offers an impressive replay value.

Appearance-wise, Gummy Drop is an absolute visual delight. It is adorned with many colorful and visually stunning details and it is also perfectly matched with well-fitting music and audio effects. If you are looking for an addictive puzzle game, Gummy Drop is surely a great fit. Currently, Gummy Drop is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this colorful puzzle absolutely for free.

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