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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size323 MB
Latest Version1.026

Will it be possible to turn a hopeless and seemingly empty village into a successful town? Kongregate’s Idle Frontier will surely make it happen! As what the title of the game connotes, Idle Frontier is a new incremental game that takes you to a new adventure. The main objective of this game is to make your way to the famous Providence Valley. However, the journey will never be easy as you have to move from one town to another until you managed to make it through. The challenge is to upgrade each town into their full potential by constructing commercial buildings and engaging in a series of trades until you have reached the goal.

Idle FrontierThe Gameplay

Much like most idle or incremental games that we used to play, Idle Frontier is a kind of game that works well even with less interaction from the players. Idle Frontier, however, has a unique approach to the gameplay which makes it more distinctive above the rest. Unlike a typical Idle game that mostly takes place in a single yet improving setting, Idle Frontier will require you to move from one town to another. In each town, you will be given a list of tasks to complete. Once done, it will give you the option to move to another town, hence the title.

Interestingly, the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. As you enter a new town, the number of tasks will also increase and the prices for necessary upgrades are exponentially increasing too. The idle part of this game comes in when you start hiring managers. They are responsible for shipping and trading goods. Without the managers, you have to manually click the production buildings to start earning.

Idle FrontierHire Managers and Collect Manager’s Cards

In Idle Frontier, the only way to earn money is if you get people to work. Basically, you start with an almost empty town. There are predefined areas where you can build production buildings. General Store is the first building you can add to your town. However, the production will be useless without the equally-important elements like Wagon and River Boat. The wagon is responsible for picking up the goods from one production building to another while River Boat transports all the goods downriver and collect all the earnings.

Each building can be upgraded to increase its overall production. The more goods you produce, the higher the earnings. However, you also have to upgrade both Wagon and River Boat to increase their capacity. Managers can be hired to automate the process. The game works even you are not around and let the managers do the rest of the job. Occasionally, you earn chests (which you can also buy through gold) and win various prizes. This includes Manager Cards. Each Manager has their own cards and if you collected enough cards, you can upgrade them to a new level which makes them more efficient. Interestingly, you can also expedite the process by paying a certain number of pies.

Idle FrontierRoad to Providence Valley

As being mentioned above, the main objective in Idle Frontier is to reach the prestigious Providence Valley. To do so, you have to move from one town to another. This is only possible by completing your quest. Located above the game screen is a separate panel that contains a meter that shows your current progress and boxes that contains your quests. The tasks will vary per town but most of it will ask you to earn a certain amount of money, upgrade buildings on a certain number of times, and unlock new buildings. Every time you successfully completed a task, you can collect your rewards in return which allows you to win money, cards and pies.

The game is very generous when it comes to rewards and I must say that ads were cleverly inputted. Much like most idle games, this game will also tempt you to watch ads and multiply your earnings in return. On top of that, you will continuously earn money even if you are not actively playing it. You can also take advantage of the flying storks that carry additional prizes. Simply tap them to collect the money.

Idle FrontierThe Verdict

Idle Frontier is truly an addictive idle game. It is not your typical incremental and offers a lot of unique elements that provide gamers a remarkable and addictive experience. Appearance-wise, the game comes with visually stunning details and lovely animation. It also works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection. Currently, Kongregate’s Idle Frontier is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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