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PublisherVector Unit
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size82.94 MB
Latest Version1.2.18

Beach Buggy Racing is one of the many games on mobile devices that plays similarly to that of the Mario Kart series. The kart moves automatically across the road as you steer it along the track while utilizing items and getting opponents out of the way. There is a total of fifteen tracks in the game, but they can be arranged in many different ways thanks to the variety of game modes on offer.

Download Beach Buggy Racing – For Android/iOS 1The modes consist of Quick Race, Championships, Career, Split Screen multiplayer, and a Daily Challenge with in-game currency as a reward. Daily roulette wheel spins can also come into play should you want to see if you could earn quick coinage.

Microtransactions come in the form of Beach Buggy Racing’s digital coin currency. All it does is help you beef up your vehicle. You can earn the cash as an in-game reward, but you can pay for the coins with real money if you want. Let me tell you this, though: Don’t do it. There’s no point; it’s a literal waste of money, and it’s nothing that replaying a few cleared missions can’t fix up.

Despite that, though, Beach Buggy Racing is a competently polished game for what it is. The tracks have a decent variety to them (although, ironically, some of them are not actually beach-themed), and the graphics are very well detailed and colorful. It may not have online play like some other games in the genre, but it does carry a lot of incentives to play the game in single-player. There are a LOT of levels to play through in the Career mode, after all.

Download Beach Buggy Racing – For Android/iOS 2Racing in the tracks themselves can be good fun once you adjust to the rather floaty nature of the buggies. Items can range from being helpful to being annoying, especially when you’re on the receiving end. The bulk of my time spent playing this game was in the Career mode, and while it is ambitious for a kart racer, it gets as taxing as it does get repetitive. Tracks have a habit of being reused, and the more you play this mode, the speedier the opponents are. This becomes a problem due to how the tracks don’t feel designed to be played with these speeds in mind. Still, mastering the courses can be ultimately satisfying.

It does have its rough edges, but Beach Buggy Racing is a worthy recommendation provided you don’t sink any money into it. The track variety and racing gameplay create a combo that results in a satisfactory portable time killer. You can experience the entirety of the game without the need to pay money despite the option, and the game itself can be an enjoyable romp. It’s at least more than what I can say about the millions of copyright infringing kart games that plague app stores. Vector Unit clearly put a lot of time and effort into making Beach Buggy Racing stand tall amongst them all. Hopefully, they’ll learn from the game’s issues when making the sequel.

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