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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.11.0

Embark yourself in an intergalactic adventure with Super Starfish. Explore the galaxy and be amazed by what the cosmic universe has to offer. Super Starfish is a simple yet surprisingly impressive and undeniably addictive avoider game. The main objective is to take control of the interstellar Starfish and reach the farthest distance as possible while collecting stars and avoiding all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. With superior graphics and addictive gameplay, Super Starfish is definitely a game worth downloading. If you think you can master this game effectively, feel free to explore Super Starfish and see how far you can go.

Super StarfishThe Gameplay

Super Starfish comes with very simple mechanics. There is really nothing much to do other than evading and collecting. Simply swipe the screen on the left and right to move the Starfish around. You will encounter an interminable amount of obstacles along the way and you must avoid them at all cost. Otherwise, bumping into any obstacles will end the game immediately and it leaves players no choice but to start back from the very beginning. Aside from avoiding obstacles, you are also encouraged to collect stars and other special items in the game.

Basically, you will be doing the same set of actions in the entire course of this game but the scenarios and the map itself is dynamically changing. Therefore, the stage changes for each attempt which makes the game more unpredictable. To top it all, the best part of Super Starfish is the incredible and visually stunning graphics. It takes you to a stellar intergalactic atmosphere that merges both beauty and eeriness.

Super StarfishUnlock More Starfish and Discover New Zones

Another interesting element in this game is the overwhelming amount of other Starfishes to unlock. It is important to note that you can unlock a new starfish through a game of chance. You need to collect 200 shells in order to activate the Volcano and this will prompt you into upside-down Pachinko-style gameplay. Launch the starfish until it reaches the topmost portion of the screen which displays all the prizes. You can win either a brand new Starfish or a new Grower. Players can also win either additional Shells or better yet Moonstones.

It is also interesting to note that each Starfish comes with their own objectives which allows you to win Moonstones and other valuable items. Shells are basically obtained during the actual adventure but you can also collect more through daily bonuses (via Cosmic Clam) and through goal completion. Aside from the additional playable Starfish, you can also discover new zones as you progress. New zones will feature an entirely new atmosphere and feature a new set of obstacles.

Super StarfishRestoring the Sanctuary

One of your main objectives in Super Starfish is to restore the sanctuary back to its former glory. In order to do so, you must plant the so-called growers. These are plant-like creatures that you can add on your planet. They can be obtained through prizes or through bonuses. To access them, simply head over to the Album Tab and tap the grower icon on the lower panel. This area also gives you access to the Sanctuary status as well as the list of zones you have discovered.

You can also obtain information about each Starfish. It is very interesting to note that the designs of each Starfish are merely inspired by real sea creatures. Eventually, you can also access special Events and allows you to win premium prizes. Speaking of Premium, Moonstones are served as the premium currency in the game which you can collect from various tasks or through the in-game shop.

The Verdict

Super Starfish is truly a great game. It is generally simple yet undeniably fun and addictive. The simplicity of the game acts as the greatest strength of Super Starfish.It also allows you to share your progress via Facebook and also allows you to compete via online score chart. Since the map changes dynamically, you will end up entering different adventures for each attempt which provides the game incredible replay value. Super Starfish is currently available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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