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PublisherMahjong solitaire mahjongg
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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The all-time classic puzzle game has made the rounds once again. This game is one that any gamer you run into will be able to tell you about. Ever since the original Tetris has made its way into the world as a product of the 1980’s, it’s become a smash hit and a cultural phenomenon. Puzzle Game is the addicting tetramino-stacking experience fans can never cease to being addicted to. Gamers have seen the Tetris Effect play out on all sorts of devices. From consoles to PCs to phones, the craze is everywhere and there’s no way to stop it! But why would you want to? From the fine folks at Mahjong solitaire mahjongg, Puzzle Game is the kind of title that’s hard to put down for all the right reasons. Any game like that on a mobile phone is sure to be one worth checking out.

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I myself have been a fan of this puzzle game franchise since the days of the Game Boy. That was where the magic began, and it has yet to stop after all these decades later. There was no stopping the craze; everyone and everything had to have their hands on it in one way or another! The mobile phone stores are of no exception; given that many of these are free games, you can’t even excuse yourself from it on a financial level. It’s too much fun to resist, and it all comes from a simple foundation. What is that foundation, you may ask? Well…

Your brain will be trained by the simplicity of stacking multicolored shapes together to clear lines. While achieving a line to clear is no problem, it is keeping the momentum going that’s sure to keep your mind busy. The blocks you have previously put down could easily become your greatest enemies as you continue to place new blocks. Who would’ve thunk such a task would have made for such a fun game? The developers of Tetris did, and that’s why there are countless other games that follow suit to emulate its addictive play style. Puzzle Game is really another game that continues to do the tried and true formula justice. If it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it, after all.

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You do not necessarily need to download this particular app to get your puzzle game on, but it is sure to add to it regardless! And in that case, you know what they say: The more, the merrier! No matter how many times a classic like this gets ported to a system, it never gets old. It is a timeless game, through and through. Puzzle Game is another stellar way to relive the puzzler that came from Russia with love. This title is definitely worth downloading to fulfill that craving. It’s free, it’s puzzling, and it is addicting. If you haven’t already joined the revolution, you’ll surely be sucked in through Puzzle Game.

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Download Puzzle Game APK for Android/iOS

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