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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.12.7

Merging game is not really a new genre of gaming but they are seemingly starting a new level of popularity nowadays. With some successful games like Merge Town and Merge Cats, it is not really surprising to see more game of the same genre in the mobile market today. Merge Plane is definitely a great addition to the list. As what the title of the game connotes, Merge Plane is a game about merging planes. The goal is to constantly merge two identical planes in order to form a new one. You basically just have to continue merging planes until you have unlocked the greatest plane of them all. If you think you can become an airport tycoon, feel free to play Merge Plane and let your epic adventure begins.

Merge PlaneThe Gameplay

If you have played merger games before, then you should definitely know the drill. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to your virtual airport. The screen features the oval-shape airline with parking spaces in the middle. You will receive gift boxes on a regular and fixed time interval. These boxes contain the planes. Generally, each plane is numbered to indicate their levels.

To start your progress, simply merge planes of the same level in order to create a new one. A Level 1 Plane should be merged to another Level 1 plane in order to create a Level 2 plane. The process of merging will go endlessly but achieving higher plane levels will become more and more challenging as you progress.

Merge PlaneIt Becomes More Exciting

Many will find the process of merging planes quite repetitive and for some, it might consider the game boring. Little did they know, the game will become more and more exciting as you progress. Merge Plane will give you that desire to unlock a new plane but it gets harder to obtain as you progress. Basically, in order to get a new plane, you have to create a new plane that matches its current level. Therefore, you have to start back at the lower level before you can finally obtain the level you desire.

Merge Plane also features some idle game elements. While waiting for the next pair of planes to match, you can send the planes on the airline. They will run automatically wherein you earn money every time they have completed a lap. The money you earn from this can be used to purchase new planes on the shop (it means that you don’t have to wait for the next gift box to arrive). You can also use the money to purchase some boosters.

Merge PlaneUpgrades and Achievements

Another exciting part of Merge Plane is the upgrades. Simply head over to the Shop and see the list of items you can avail. The Shop window is divided into two; the Planes and Others. In Planes, the game allows you to manually purchase a specific plane without undergoing any merging procedures. You can buy an advanced plane using your virtual money, by watching an ad or by paying gems which act as the game’s premium currency.

In Others tab, you can upgrade the Flight Path to increase your earnings. You can also upgrade Discounts so you can purchase planes of smaller value. Players can also dramatically boost the plane speed to earn more money in a short period of time. Tap the Speed icon and you have the option to either pay virtual money, watch an ad or pay gems. The game also comes with a Daily Quest and Achievement System which allows you to earn gems in return.

The Verdict

Merge Plane is a simple game that works incredibly well even without an Internet connection. It is fun and surprisingly addictive. It may be very repetitive but the best parts can be experienced as you progress. Overall, it is a great game that you can confidently add on your mobile. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download Merge Plane absolutely for Free. Good luck on building your Airline empire and have fun!

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