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PlatformsAndroid 4.1+
Price$0.97 – $93.2
Size80.24 MB
Latest Version1.0.1117

Firstly, to begin with, this game is historically designed not only for fun but to also equip you educationally. AIIA: Dragon Ark tells a story of fairyland with a long battle between gods and some savage beasts. The future of the World of these magical creatures seems bleak. They need a warrior to fight and upturn the reign of these monsters. They need you to change the unchangeable and leave a legendary status. To achieve this feat, download AIIA: Dragon Ark mod apk and play and thus, and save many lives.


As the game begins, you select one of the characters; Dria, Khan or Leona. Note that each character has specific skills set peculiar to them. In the light of this, experience in each character mode is different. On the left side of your screen is virtual navigation keys to run through the game. Download AIIA: Dragon Ark MOD APK for Android 1Also, the right side of the screen shows the character set, i.e. you control your character with it.

Every character is essentially combat-oriented. The game has a guide to ease in easier access and exploration.

Thus, your mission as a player is to navigate through the dark and mysterious towers, destroy the monsters and claim your trophies.


Battle ready

Download AIIA: Dragon Ark MOD APK for Android 2

Battles are dynamically laid out to be adventurous. Over 100 floors of tower are available in this exclusive game. This means that there are more than 100 challenges for you. This sound so intriguing and captivating. Additionally, several challenging monster boss stages are available to keep the fun going.

Download AIIA: Dragon Ark MOD APK for Android 3

Beware, they are very stubborn and cunny but not unbeatable. Hence, you have to step up your gameplay to defeat them flawlessly.

AIIA Dragon Ark has a strategic weapon system. You can choose your preferred weapon and thus maximize your character’s power using the pet system. Pet system is such that the animal’s support is of great help during the battle. Disapparate and apparate to collect rare and valuable items and catalog.

Furthermore, enjoy online battle from players across the world, show off your skills and challenge each other when you download AIIA: Dragon Ark mod apk.

In addition, AIIA: Dragon Ark provides a guild system that helps create a powerful and efficient gaming community all over the world. Gamers can switch from combat mode to Auto-beat in which characters seek out the beast and finish them off. The mode is simply convenient for players who may need to pause their game.


  • Pet outlook and outfits are completely customizable
  • Highly responsive controls and 3D effects
  • Hero turns into a legend. Every PVP battles won from time to time increases your rank and fetches enormous return points.
  • You can also work with other players to extinguish stronger beasts.
  • Fortify your hero with the Arma system to enhance your hero with an easy win and several capabilities.

Download AIIA: Dragon Ark MOD APK for Android 4

  • The ‘Unreal Engine 4 Technology’ is behind the design and graphics of this game. However, these awesome and attractive features will always want you to play this game every time.
  • Stimulation of a top-down camera that makes gameplay efficient and real.


AIIA: Dragon Ark is characteristically similar to other role play games. However, it stands out with its unique storyline, superior graphics, addictiveness to mention a few. It’s one of the classic games that have attracted so many gamers worldwide. CLGamez often keeps the upgrade topnotch and in effect attract players’ attention while keeping them entertained.

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